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Kick Off Pinball -- That ol' stadium feeling

Don’t you love those old game halls, reeking of spilt drinks and cigarette smoke from days of yore, the game machines lined up one next to the other? What can I say, I’m mad for flipper machines—I just love how simple a good gameplay can be. Never mind reading up on how-to-play instructions, having to try a game out before you feel comfortable enough with the controls so that you can actually play a few rounds… Forget all that—and focus your energies on chasing after high scores instead!

Kick Off Pinball is basically a football/soccer themed pinball game. Rake in the high scores by shooting goals and/or making sure you’ve got a good defense. More details in today’s review.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.1 1.3

Features & Use

Please Insert Coin—just kidding, there’s no need for that with Kick Off Pinball, so please don’t try to forcefully insert a coin into your Android phone, you will live to regret it.

Score a goal and score points

  • The goal of the game is to hit all four of the green ball lights in the middle of the table. Every time all four lights are on you’ve scored a GOAL.
  • In order to activate a green light you will have to hit all of the FREE KICK goals.
  • Cross the FAN MILE three times, hit all of the ARROW TARGETS and when the GO FOR IT sign comes up hit all the lights—this will earn you an EXTRA BALL.
  • You will receive a MULTI BALL if you manage to get all of the ARROW TARGETS four times.
  • Try to active all of the yellow lights in order to start up SUPERCROSS—the spinner will then award you more points.
  • When you want to open the OUTLANE GATE be sure to activate the GOALY. Use the flippers to maneuver the yellow lights.
  • In order to turn the bumpers into super bumpers you will have to hit them at least 30 times.

Crack the high score
Kinda simply, but only kinda. Kick Off Pinball’s highscore system is quite basic (and although the app promises that there’s an online highscore system there isn’t, we checked), it’s nonetheless fun to try and beat your previous highest score. There’s no global online top list, which means you can’t measure you score against other players’ scores. It’s nice to have locally saved highscores in order to keep track of one’s progress, but somehow there’s certain competitive edge that’s missing.

Bottom line:

The graphics are cool and the controls are simple—this bodes well for Kick Off Pinball, and it certainly makes for a fun stadium feel. A few downsides: there’s only one scenario; the instructions are shown only at the beginning of a game and can’t be accessed later on; there’s meant to be an online highscore, but oddly enough we couldn’t find it anywhere. Lastly, there’s no pause button, meaning that a game can’t be interrupted.

Thumbs up

  • Easy controls
  • Fun gameplay
  • Nice graphic elements
  • Several different options for cracking the highscore

Thumbs down

  • No online highscores
  • Only one game scenario
  • The Help button is only displayed very briefly
  • No options for pausing a game


Screen & Controls

Thee cheers for 3D design!
Not only does the camera follow the pinball – which is pretty neat seeing as the gameplay really is quite dynamic – but the design for different elements is also very well done. Way to get the stadium mood soaring!

That being said, the sophisticated graphic design has a drawback: 26 Megabytes is a hefty download and there’s no denying that Kick Off Pinball is greedy when it comes to memory requirements.

Easy peasy controls

Now, you might ask whether it’s possible to create complex controls for a pinball game. All that needs to be done is activate the left and right kickers. Tap on the left or right side of the screen in order to give the ball a virtual kick in the table leg if ever the ball gets stuck.

Speed & Stability

The app’s speed is good and there wasn’t any lagging or crashing. We tested Kick Off Pinball on an HTC Desire.

Price/Performance Ratio

Kick Off Pinball can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Market or our very own App Center.


Kick Off Pinball -- That ol' stadium feeling Kick Off Pinball -- That ol' stadium feeling Kick Off Pinball -- That ol' stadium feeling

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