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Kindle Fire Dominates Tablet Scene, Capturing Over 50% of Market
Amazon Kindle Fire 2 min read 4 comments

Kindle Fire Dominates Tablet Scene, Capturing Over 50% of Market

In less than half a year, the Kindle Fire has managed to amass more than 54.4% of the "Android tablet" market. I use the words "Android tablet" with quotation marks because I don't really think of the Kindle Fire as an Android tablet. It's more like a tablet that's based on Android, with its own completely separate ecosystem. In any case, it seems a lot of people really love that closed ecosystem.

Amazon of course has a few advantages over other tablet manufacturers. For one, they have a built-in audience for their tablets – the millions of people who visit Amazon.com every day. The company has been featuring the Kindle on their homescreen for eons, and all that free advertising seems to have paid off. Also, they've managed to create a solid tablet experience for a very low price of $199, recouping their loss through exclusive sales of books, games and magazines.

The Kindle Fire made up 41.8% of the tablet market in January and 29.4% of the tablet market in December. The Galaxy Tab family, which once held 23.8% of the market in December is now a distant second at 15.4% and every other tablet group – except the Asus Transformer and Lenovo IdeaPad — lost market share over the same time period.

In other words, this Kindle really IS on FIRE. Even the tepid reviews of the device – complaining about the laggy browser and limited functionality – hasn't slowed down that growth. That's because Amazon isn't going after the techie crowd. They're after Moms and kids. Let this be a lesson for all other tablet manufacturers; if you want your tablets to sell like hotcakes, market it them as easy-to-use tablets for the every-man.

Source: The Verge


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    Deactivated Account Apr 27, 2012 Link to comment

    Another great Android Pit article.

    The Kindle Fire is quite good at what its designed to do. It lets me read e-content, browse the web and occasionally watch some movies & videos. Oh.. also to shop online.. mostly Amazon but other sites too. That's it. Not much more...

    I rooted mine, put on the Goggle play/ market, and added another launcher that I use more and like a bit more (adw ex). OTA Rootkeeper means I can still watch the movies (free and paid).

    It really is an Android tablet... and complements my Galaxy S2 quite nicely.

  • Ti Mo Apr 27, 2012 Link to comment

    My dad has one. It's ok.. But the touchscreen is too sensitive and i hate that the app store isn't as good as the play store.
    I CANT wait for the Google nexus tablet. Let's hope Google will sell that for 200 bucks

  • ljhaye Apr 27, 2012 Link to comment

    An embarrassment!!!

  • very gooooood