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One of most fun and time consuming tower defense games has finally been ported over to Android. Kingdom Rush, originally a popular flash game, is a great little time waster and definitely a must for anyone who likes the tower defense genre.

Kingdom Rush, now available for Android / © Google Play Store

Goblings, and trolls, and orcs, oh my!

Fight against a plethora of different enemies, including orcs, trolss and evil wizards, in your attempt to stop them from reaching your stronghold. By using a variety of 4 basic towers, users are given the option of upgrading to 8 different specialized versionsof the towers, each excelling at taking out a different type of enemy. As well, each tower has certain "abilities" that can be upgraded as well. Want to have your sorcerer's summon an elemental to help you out? No problem! 

Defende your kingdom using a variety of towers / © Google Play Store

With over 50 different style of enemies to encounter, the gameplay is definitely a fresh take on an old genre. Incorporating "boss" battles as well, it definitely requires some strategy and forward thinking as you get more comfortable with the controls and gameplay. However, the learning curve in Kingdom Rush is set at a nice pace and allows the user to ease into the style before challenging them too much.

As well, the game incorporates the newly added Google Play Game services and tracks your achievements across devices. 

Having played this game for hours via the original flash version, this is definitely a must buy now that it's in the Android store. I easily spent over 4 hours in one sitting when I first got this game on my tablet and will most likely be spending a ton more time trying to complete all the available game modes and challenges!

And if the description isn't enough to entice you, check out the gameplay trailer below:

Kingdom Rush is available on the Google Play Store now and costs $1.99 US. Definitely worth the two dollars for the amount of time that you can spend on this game!

Via: Reddit Source: Google Play Store

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