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Samsung owners: get knock gesture launching with Knockr

Samsung owners: get knock gesture launching with Knockr

If you're lucky enough to have an Android device with an OLED display – most Samsung devices have AMOLED screens – then you can take advantage of a cool new app called Knockr. Knockr is basically an app version of the various Motion Launch actions on the HTC One (M8), which you can check out in our Motion Launch gestures review.  

teaser s5 cam
Knockr lets you launch the camera from a screen-off state with a simple gesture. / © AndroidPIT

Knockr allows you to set actions for a double tap, long-press, swipes to the left, right, up and down, and the best in my opinion, using the volume up rocker to launch the camera app when in portrait mode, all from a screen-off state. Strangely though, once Knockr is enabled your Power button won't turn your phone on as you'd normally expect it to and your LED notification lights won't work. Safe to say the devs are working on these issues though. You can, however, set Knockr to turn off when the device is in your pocket or lying face down.

AndroidPIT Knockr
Knockr works fine, but the lag is pretty bad. / © AndroidPIT/Angs Apps

Another thing worth noting is that you need to have your lock screen security disabled for this app to work too. Obviously, if you have a PIN or password protected lock screen you won't be able to bypass it with any gestures. This may be the biggest issue with all of these gesture features: security. While it may be a great and convenient tool it's not so good if anyone who steals or finds your phone has complete access to it because you like being able to double tap to wake. I've tried it out, and while it does work, the lag is so long that it would almost be quicker to unlock with security enabled and launch the app from your home screen.

Have you used motion launch gestures? What are your favorites? Does the security issue bother you?

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  • It is paainfully slow, i thought it wasnt working or something, well it wasnt....Then after 2 hours of moderate use, my phone's screen started turning off so i Disabled it..maybe on a more refined version itll be worth it.

  • My1 May 6, 2014 Link to comment

    What did tbe Russian say? Pls post Russian only in Russian Android pit and here only English, I don't write German or Japanese in here too, or did I?

  • Example at night. When you wont use the device for 5 to 6 hours.

    • Well if you put your phone face down while you sleep it'll be off, no? Or does it keep sapping battery as a background process even then?

  • I have read on one of the forums today that it is recommended to keep the feature off when you know you wont be using it because it gives a huge battery drain. Maybe coz its not final. Device: Note 2 4.4.2

  • Отличное приложение. Все прекрасно работает на S4.

    • How was the speed on the S4? It was painfully slow on the S3. Like so long you thought it hadn't worked and put it down, then it happened, like 5 seconds delay.

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