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iPhone 4, iPad 1&2, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus, & More Banned In S. Korea

iPhone 4, iPad 1&2, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus, & More Banned In S. Korea


Samsung Vs Apple trials are in full swing right now, and today, a verdict was found in a South Korean court that neither company was most likely expecting: Both companies have been found guilty of infringing on each others patents. To sum it up, (for the time being) the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, the first 2 generations of the iPad, Samsung’s Galaxy S2, the Galaxy Nexus, and Galaxy Tab 10.1 can no longer be sold in South Korea.

That’s a pretty big ban for both sides! Apple will be required to pay Samsung $35,000 (pocket change for them) for the infringement, while Samsung is required to pay $22,000 (can be found under the tables in Samsung’s cafeterias). While the amounts each company has to pay are insignificant in the eyes of both Samsung and Apple, 7 devices being banned is certainly no laughing matter for either side.

Samsung was found guilty of infringement of Apple’s elastic scrolling patent, but the court did not find them guilty of any design infringement. This certainly doesn’t mean that this decision will stick, as Samsung and/or Apple can appeal the decision to keep the trial going longer, and could even reach the South Korean Supreme court if given enough of a push.

This is exactly what happens when companies sue over silly patents. The low amounts they were both fined should be a clear indicator that the courts are getting sick and tired of dealing with such issues, and I very much hope that both parties stop and think before telling their legal team to move on the next lawsuit. 

Sadly, I kind of doubt that will happen. 

Picture credits: blackburnreview.squarespace.com

Source: Android Central

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  • Its on par with the iPhone 5's :"alleged" specs, as well as the factual talk regarding the limitations of IOS 6 (or what the iPhone 5 won't fix) -

    Less then 2 weeks away from Apple debuting its sixth iPhone (the iPhone 5) and accurate speculation shows a complete redesign (7.6 millimeters thick, a 4-inch display, 4G LTE connectivity, 1GB of RAM, new unibody aluminum case) that in my opinion outshines most of what HTC offers (painful to say that as I <3 HTC), but still not as good as what Samsung offers (& Sony, too) ...

    Was anyone impressed when Apple debuted iOS 6 at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference this year? Or, did you think it was just a ploy to keep Apple in the media before the new iPad / iPhones could be released? (ding ding ding ding)

    If the new iPhone 5 is anything that speculating is telling us, I am impressed - but I also think it falls short of what Consumers would want from Apple. Sure, iOS 6 will bring new functionality (with certain limitations) & the Tech World is talking with regards to the most annoying things that iOS 6 and Apple’s next-generation won’t fix:

    Auto Correct - Apple’s text-input correction feature is still awful (6 OS design updates and Apple still can't improve this function? I guess it wasn't a priority back in the lab)

    Widgets (why is it that Apple still hasn't embraced widgets?) - Do Apple users <3 having to open Notification Center, or an App, for something as simple as Weather Updates? Or, navigate through the Settings to toggle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth? (Ouch, Apple, still concerned that Widgets have a negative impact on battery life?)

    Email Client - You'd think a sixth generation iPhone from Apple would improve the Email function (ie only display unread emails in your inbox vs having to reopen an email to mark it as unread), as well as navigating through the Email Menu in general (well, you'd think).

    Actionable Notifications - shouldn't Smart Phone notifications be actionable? If you get an SMS and want to mark it as read (or even respond), why should you have to open that SMS first? (I already covered email). Am I the only Consumer that gets giddy when there are "actionable notifications? (I guess Apple users <3 the limitations of Apple Smart Phones)

    Bigger Display - Yes, all the Ladies will keep telling you that anything 4 inches and larger in your pocket is an improvement (lol) lets hope Apple understands this). If I go by speculation and rumors, the iPhone 5 is supposed to have a 4-inch display, except that its just a height increase (what? Apple refuses to make their new iPhone just a lil' wider?) I guess Apple users will have to be content that it took a few years to go from 960 x 640 pixels to 1,136 x 640 pixels?

    Vibrating Notification - a continued complaint amongst Apple users is a vibrating notification while a user is on the phone (what? Apple doesn't have a way for users turn off this function when the phone is in use? Android does!). How would you feel (when vibrating alerts are enabled on the iPhone) if you were a user taking a call, and instead of a more comfortable audible chime in the ear speaker, your whole iPhone starts to vibrate against your head? (I know I would be annoyed!, if I was an iPhone user) ...

    Please don't think Apple is the only developer I am going to nitpick on, I have enough to say about HTC's DESIRE X (still including BEATS audio, but only want to give it a 5 megapixel camera? Just a 4-inch display screen? I guess if this comes to North America, it could be another acceptable "No Contract" smart phone, because this won't compete against Apple, Sony, or Samsung models available with T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint)


  • I read about that too. But I'm pretty sure Apple has already confirmed that the iPhone 5 won't have LTE compatibility...or was that only a rumor?

  • Visiting BGR online & they've had plenty to say about the Samsung vs Apple with regards to Samsung preparing their own motion in Courts against Apple -

    The Korea Times reports that Samsung has “confirmed that it will immediately sue Apple if the latter releases products using advanced long-term evolution (LTE) mobile technology.” Although Apple has already released an LTE-capable device with the latest version of its iPad, Samsung is likely waiting for Apple to put out an LTE-capable iPhone before busting out its extensive LTE patent portfolio to seek injunctions. An analysis conducted by IP research firm iRunway earlier this year found that Samsung holds fully 10% of all LTE patents issued so far, meaning it could have ample firepower to take on Apple over its use of LTE in future smartphone releases



    [assumes Yoda voice] "Apple start this War did, begun now, this War has"

  • @Jonathan - TRUE THAT.

  • Apple stated the mess in the first place. That what there deserve its. The greedy companies trying to take control the world. Lol

  • LOL! I know what you mean. Almost like the mafia or something!

    Money can certainly buy powerful friends :-D

  • Eric, sometimes I think the US Courts are owned by US Attorneys .. :-/

  • If only the US courts would see it the same way :-D

  • I agree with everyone in that the South Korean Court issued a decision which is a warning to all Electronic Companies to settle your license agreements outside of the courtroom (these fines are "lol" inducing, but banning the selling of these electronic goods is going to create an even larger black market coming from Hong Kong & Singapore) .....

    I'm waiting to see how this Motorola (under Google) vs Apple Lawsuit plays out (it was time for Google to deliver the ultimate bitch slap, proving Apple is just as guilty of what it was accusing Samsung & HTC of doing) ....


  • Honestly, I feel the entire trial is such a scandal. Courts around the world have thrown this case out the window, yet in the US its looked at in an entirely different way. So inconsistent is SO many ways, and it seems that NONE of Samsung's patents seem to matter to this jury.

    Curious how the appeal will go.

  • Well, of course the verdict is out in the USA, and Samsung has lost big time. $1 billion dollars and product will need to be removed. Looks like the jury were pretty much patriotic about their own manufacturer. (So a rectangle, rounded corners and a Bezel was invented by Apple ). This outcome is so different to that of A Korea one begins to wonder about the broken patent system. The jury is out and now talking. What they say is interesting and shows up inconsistencies in their verdict. So, the story may well unfold in the next few Weeks, certainly since there is another hearing sometime in September where Apple will hope to extract even more money from Samsung.
    Here's the link about the jury and the inconsistencies.
    What do you think?

  • I TOTALLY agree Patrick. Its almost like the US courts refuse to give credit Samsung credit for anything.

    And I still can't believe how the jury selection works in these cases. Just goes to show how broken and easily exploited the patent system really is.

  • At the very least, i would say the South Korean court makes more sense than their US counterpart. How can you rule in favor of Apple and NOT recognize Samsungs patents. Apple's patents are eye candy (slide to unlock, scroll bounce, icons etc) while Samsung's goes into the actual tech behind the phone. I can see Sammy making phones without infringing Apple but mayne not the other way around.

    Intelectual Properties as a field of law is too technical to be left in the hands of the average joe (read as a jury). Testimonies of a technical expert would just blow by them which a good closing arguement/statement (read as an appeal to pity) would easily negate.

  • I think the decision was a pretty clear warning to both companies:

    "Stop with the nonsense".

    Hopefully companies bickering over patents will think twice before taking it to such extreme levels from now on.

    I doubt that will happen though :-(

  • clouds Aug 24, 2012 Link to comment

    Good for them!
    They saw it coming and they deserve it very much.
    Well done south Korean Court!

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