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Krakout HD – Retro Action

Krakout HD – Retro Action

I'm to young have experienced the C64 era myself, but I'm familiar with it, having read many a rave account by those who experienced the time and medias first hand. The C64 spawned a bunch of games, several of which became cult classics that have remained popular to this day. Some of said games have been remade to run on modern technology, and Krakout HD is a case in point. Krakout DH is, of course, a Krakout clone that tries to woo users with its retro charm. Does it succeed? Find out in our review!



Reviewed version Latest version
1.2 1.2

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Android version: 4.1.1
Root: No
Modfications: None

Krakout HD has a retro feel from start to finish, right down to the design of the main menu: the font, the button style and size, the colour palette all hint at at a time gone by.

Check the top corners for volume controls. I chose to dial the sound effects and background music all the way down—I found both to be rather annoying.

There's not all to much to be said about the actual game itself: if you've played Pong you'll recognise a similar gameplay in the sense that a ball is used to destroy blocks. The game field is fenced in except for on the right side. Use a panel to catch the ball and bounce it back at an angle, and aim at blocks in doing so.

Bonus blocks help keep things interesting. For instance, you might get an additional ball or more lives (when you start out you have only three). Other blocks slow the ball down. When you've managed to destroy almost all the blocks, the remaining blocks form bonus blocks. Try hitting them as early on as possible to make more points.

You can regulate the overall difficulty of the game in the settings, as well as share high scores. You can also join forces with friends to attempt even higher scores; the second player also receives a racket and ball on the left hand side of the display.

Unfortunately, there's no online ranking list, meaning you can't actually compare your scores with other players in other corners of the world.

Bottom line:

Krakout HD is a fun game for retro lovers, but the retro style and feel may not appeal to the masses. It's also the type of game that will keep you entertained for a limited period of time only. 

Screen & Controls

Whether you're partial to the retro Krakout HD vibe is for you to know.

Controls are easy and intuitive and take no time whatsoever to figure out.


Speed & Stability

Krakout HD runs well: smooth and stabile performance.


Price/Performance Ratio

Krakout HD costs EUR 0.79 and is available from Google Play. It's a fair enough price for what you're getting.



Krakout HD – Retro Action Krakout HD – Retro Action Krakout HD – Retro Action

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