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Lamborghini's Crocodile-Skinned Luxury Android Gets Pictured
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Lamborghini's Crocodile-Skinned Luxury Android Gets Pictured

 Lamborghini T700

Lamborghini has joined Prada and Ferrari in the luxury smartphone race. Their newest phone, the T700, is aimed at the upper-upper crust of smartphone shoppers. While it likely won't ever be coming to your neighborhood T-Mobile store, it's an interesting experiment in premium construction.

Lamborghini T700

The Italian brand has chosen only the best (and most expensive) materials: the body is made of "diamond cut" metal and crocodile skin. Sapphire glass covers the touchscreen.

Unlike most luxury smartphones, this one actually has impressive internal specs. Rumors point to a Qualcomm processor with 2GB of RAM and support for LTE. The device runs Ice Cream Sandwich.

We don't have any details on pricing yet but you better believe they'll be scarce; rumor has it that the phone will come in 5 colors with just 650 editions per color, making this a rare, exclusive phone. The device will be launching in – where else? – Moscow.


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  • All relative I suppose, considering that there are many people in the world to whom our own humble devices are the epitome of needless excess.

  • what a complete typical expression of excess I can not for they life of me see the need for things like this I like my samsung galaxy its not rare its not top of the line and meets my needs. There area in wich I work I am sure there will be a number of people clamouring for this phone no doubt to use it as one of many status symbols to prove what they are wealthy enough to purchase this whats even sadder is its being released in a country that still doesnt put its people first.

  • how long did it take us to stop using crocodile skin in the production of shoes bags etc now this i hope the plug gets pulled on this before it gets to production