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LED Light Fun – Get creative with LED!

LED Light Fun – Get creative with LED!

When it comes to applications, I'm mainly interested in the type that help make something (organisation, communication, etc.) easier, as well as camera apps. However, every now and then I find myself with a few minutes to spare and wanting to keep busy with something that's not too challenging or draining. Whenever I'm not in the mood for playing a game I turn to novelty apps to provide me with some form of distraction.

I recently came across LED Light Fun, an app that promises to turn your Android device into a LED light display. Find out more after the jump.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.3 1.8

Features & Use

Tested on: Samsung Galaxy Tablet.

I should start by saying that if you're looking for this app to do anything but provide you with a few minutes' worth entertainment, turn around now because you'll be disappointed. LED Light Fun is pure novelty, save for the flashlight function.

That said, if you like playing around with LED lights this application is a great option. It's wonderfully simple to use and has five LED displays for you to enjoy, as well as a flashlight function (which uses the back camera flash to run and has its own widget):

  • LED display (static text, scroll text, blink text)
  • LED touch display (static LED, blink LED)
  • Digital clock (time, date)
  • Police light with sound
  • Random color lights

The first option is my personal favourite. You can create your own message which will then scroll across the display, and there are lots of options for selecting colours, font sizes, scrolling speed, etc. Use it to write out sweet messages to loved ones, jokes or even - within reason - funny insults (“HI DUMMY” looks great on a hot pink background, your kid brother is sure to get a kick out of that one!).

The next option is similar to the first in the sense that it allows users to be creative with LED lights, but the difference is that here you can draw graphics onto a led backdrop using the tip of your finger. Again, quite a few settings options are available to help you personalise your drawings, including several predefined drawings such as hearts, I LOVE YOU message, etc.

The LED time/date display is also quite nice and the type of thing I'd use as my wallpaper.

I personally did not enjoy the police siren & lights or random colour lights options, but that's because I spend a fair amount of time staring at computer screens and smartphone/tablet displays, and as a result my eyes are sensitive to brightly flashing lights. The flashlight also has a strobe function (you can set the speed of the flashing). My kid brother is really into all of these features, so there you have it: to each their own!

Bottom line:

LED Light Fun is a fun novelty app with some cool options and retro design. Aside from the flashlight this app doesn't have any real function—unless you count providing fun LED features to play around with a function – I know I do!


Screen & Controls

LED Light Fun is very easy to navigate and use. The landing display is a simple black backdrop and six icons that speak for themselves. Accessing settings is a cinch from within the different options (just hit the menu button and then tap on settings).

The design is fairly retro and harmonious with the overall LED theme.


Speed & Stability

LED Light Fun ran very smoothly and without any difficulties along the way.


Price/Performance Ratio

LED Light Fun is free and available for download from Google Play.



LED Light Fun – Get creative with LED! LED Light Fun – Get creative with LED! LED Light Fun – Get creative with LED! LED Light Fun – Get creative with LED!

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