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Leaked LG G2 pictures reveal buttons on the backside

Leaked LG G2 pictures reveal buttons on the backside

The upcoming LG G2 smartphone is perhaps too thin to maintain standard edge buttons, so they have been moved to the back, as these leaked pictures reveal. Rumors from April put the volume and power buttons on the back of the device, but the photos leaked today by @evleaks from a LG G2 presentation only clearly show the camera, flash and volume buttons on the back.

Leaked photos show an ultra-thin bezel on the new LG G2 / © @evleaks

There is also, however, a UFO (Unidentified Finger Option) in the middle, between the + and -. It seems pretty unlikely this would be the power button, but it seems even less likely that it would be a fingerprint scanner/locking device as some have guessed.

Unless my fingers are far too fat, the inside of the 'scanner,' (as seen in the fourth photo) looks too thin to read much of a finger. I'm not much into CSI so I don't know how much of a fingerprint is required to consider it a match, at least for phone-unlocking purposes, but I really want to think it's something else.

Button placement on the back of the LG G2, but what is that in between the volume buttons? / © @evleaks

LG mentioned ˝something unique˝ would be included in the G2, but a fingerprint scanner is a little uninspiring. It would be a little bit cool but fingerprint scanners on laptops kind of went nowhere so I see no reason for phones to be any different, especially considering the variety of lock options already available (and the inconvenience of a fingerprint scanner in winter with gloves on). A power button on the back is even more snooze-worthy though.

The thinness of the phone looks pretty schmick however, and coming in the wake of the world's thinnest smartphone battle that has been waging this week between Huawei's Ascend P6 (6.18 mm) and UMEOX's X5 (5.6 mm) the G2 could possibly be a contender. However, the ultra-thin bezel in the first shot could just be a clever angle, as the latter shots show a fairly rounded edge on the shiny plastic back.

Volume buttons on the back seem handy when on a call, but what about the rest of the time? / © @evleaks

The third shot pretty much confirms the volume controls and is not a bad placement for them, at least when you're on the phone. It's hard to tell from the photos if the buttons protrude at all from the surface of the phone but if they do then there could be issues sitting the phone flat as well as fitting a case for it, unless new peekaboo cases arrive with large parts of the back missing to allow access.

The fourth shot looks to me a little bit like a photo being taken on the front camera, so I'm guessing the volume buttons might also function as zoom buttons in camera mode. How the photo is then taken is up for grabs, unless the ˝power˝ button also serves as a shutter button in front-camera mode or a standard on-screen button is used. The word ˝Convenient˝ floats in the bottom corner of this shot making me think there's more than meets the eye here.

Just what DOES that 'button' in the middle do? / © @evleaks

But as for what we already (kind of) know, the specs floating around for the LG G2 are currently:


Qualcomm Snapdragon 800v 2.3 GHz quad-core CPU

Display 1080p Full HD 5” display  



2 GB of RAM

Camera (rear)

13 megapixel 

Camera (front)

 2 megapixel

With the official announcement still six weeks away (there's a launch event in New York on August 7), there might be a lot more leaking to come before the curtain is fully drawn back, so there's still a chance the ˝something unique˝ LG hinted at could be the much-rumored flexible display, although if this were true I would have expected that would leak first from the presentation.

What do you think about buttons on the back? Innovative or awkward? What could the UFO in the middle be?

Via: Android and Me Source: @evleaks

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  • I just read on Mashable that next-gen Apple devices may include fingerprint scanners, so who knows, maybe it IS a scanner here too?

  • I agree CJ, why is super-thin super-good? I understand wanting the title but if it's too thin it just ends up being awkward to handle, and as you say, consumers may end up paying the price if the phone is not as resilient as slightly thicker models. I know I've broken a few gadgets over the years because they were a bit too thin and flimsy!

  • I like where LG is heading with their Android Smart Phones, however if its sooooo thin the buttons have to be located on the front - or back - that seems like a smart phone that is too thin (for me) .... This will definitely require a protective case

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