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LG G5 problems and solutions: get more G-force

We called it The Modulator: the LG G5 is designed to be physically flexible, with modules you can pop in and out to change the phone’s powers. It’s clever stuff but like any smartphone the LG G5 can also suffer from the odd bug or irritation. Here are the most common LG G5 problems and solutions.

androidpit lg g5 1
Your LG's corners should be dark when the screen is. If not, you may have a hardware fault. / © ANDROIDPIT

LG G5 problem: the backlight’s too bright in the wrong places

Some early models of the LG G5 suffered from “backlight bleed”, which is where the backlight is overly bright and light bleeds into the display, especially at the corners. There’s a free app you can install to check your device, but if your G5 is one of the affected ones it’s a warranty job and should go back to the shop. It’s worth asking about bleed if you’re considering a second hand G5 on eBay or from an Amazon marketplace seller: you want to be certain that you’re not buying an affected G5.

androidpit lg g5 2
The proximity sensor should know when you're holding the phone to your face. If it doesn't, your screen may stay off after calls.  / © ANDROIDPIT

LG G5 problem: the screen misbehaves during or after calls

There are known issues with the proximity sensors in some LG G5 devices. Its job is to tell when you’re holding the phone to your face and turn the screen off, but users with screen protectors report that it thinks you’re still holding the device up when you’re not - so you can’t access features during calls and when a call is over, the screen stays off. Once again[ you can test this with an app], or you could try recalibrating the sensor. To do that, key in *#546368#*860# - where 860 is the model number of your G5. Now go into Device Test > SAAT > Service Menu Manual Test > Key Press Test > Cal Start.

Battery problems? Make sure you're not running features you don't need. / © AndroidPIT

LG G5 problem: the notification LED is flaky

Multiple users report the LED staying off when it should be telling them about incoming messages or third party app notifications. If your LED is doing the same, go into Settings > Sound > Notification LED and make sure the switch is set to on for notifications. Select the notifications you want the LED to flash for.

AndroidPIT router wifi 2
Wi-Fi issues? Reboot this first. / © ANDROIDPIT

LG G5 problem: the Wi-Fi isn’t working

This is one of the most common smartphone issues, and our initial reaction is to blame - and to reboot - the Wi-Fi router. But if that isn’t the villain, try switching Wi-Fi off and on again, and if that doesn’t work go into Settings > Wi-Fi and forget the network before joining it again. If that doesn’t fix it, have a look in your power saving settings: they can disable Wi-Fi as your battery gets low.

It’s a similar process with Bluetooth connectivity problems. Unpairing and re-pairing devices often solves erratic connection problems.

androidpit lg g5 23
The LG G5 doesn't use an app drawer, although you can bring one back if you like. / © ANDROIDPIT

LG G5 problem: the app drawer isn’t there

That isn’t a bug: it’s a feature. Apps go to the home screens, not the app drawer, but if you miss the old way of doing things you can go into Settings > Display > Home Screen > Home and select EasyHome to bring the app drawer back. The downside is it also makes the text bigger. If you don’t like how that looks, you might be better off with a third party app launcher.

androidpit lg g5 3 w782
The LG's battery is swappable, but you shouldn't need a spare for everyday use.  / © ANDROIDPIT

LG G5 problem: the battery drains too fast

If this is a recent development then the culprit is probably a rogue app. Go into Settings > Battery & Power Saving > Battery Usage and have a look at the hungriest apps. Is something in there using much more power than it should? If so, get shot of it or tweak its settings to make it less demanding.

If the battery drain has been constant since day one, you may just be driving the G5 too hard. Have a look in the notification shade to see if there are features running that you don’t need, try turning the display brightness down a bit and tweak the power saving modes in Settings > Battery & Power Saving.

androidpit lg g5 9
Are you getting static instead of Spotify? Playing a file might fix it. / © ANDROIDPIT

LG G5 problem: headphone jack makes a terrible noise

Some users have encountered noisy static from the headphone jack when they plug in headphones or an AUX cable. First of all, try a different set of headphones or a different cable, and if that doesn’t solve the problem try connecting when the G5 isn’t connected to a power outlet: the issue seems to be more common with phones that are also charging. Failing that, you might find that opening Music to play the Life’s Good HIFI track temporarily solves the problem - although it only does so if the Music app wasn’t the source of the static in the first place.

Have you encountered any problems with your LG G5? How did you fix them? Share your experiences in the comments below.


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  • lg g5 is a big prblm no solution for it.......lg should focus on mid range phones and screen production sector......g5 not gonna help lg

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