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LG G7: New hardware details emerge for LG's next flagship

In 2017, LG released two excellent devices on the market: the V30 and the G6. Now, it's likely that the LG G7 is right around the corner. We're expecting the G7 to be revealed in March or April, and the most recent news has given some details about the hardware it will be packing.

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LG G7: April launch and March reveal rumored

The latest rumors from a Korean news source indicate that the LG G7 will be launched in April, with production set to begin in March. The information reportedly comes anonymously from 'a ranking official' from one of the country's top carriers. Another industry source told the publication that the LG G7 would be available from April 20. Nothing is for certain though, so we'll keep you posted as new information comes in.

LG G7: Technical Specifications

The rumors on the alleged technical specifications of the future LG G7 come from South Korea and, more precisely, from ETNews, a generally reliable source. The G7 will probably carry the Snapdragon 845 processor, and this decision could justify its absence during the MWC in Barcelona. Aside from the Qualcomm chip there will be also be 6GB of RAM.

The G7 will integrate an OLED panel and the display will probably opt for a 18:9 format similar to the one mounted on the V30. Then there is rumored the presence of a double camera on the back and one on the front, IP68 water and dust resistance certification, wireless charging and FM radio. As far as the four cameras are concerned, one of those located on the front could actually be a dedicated iris scanner.

LG G7: Technical Specifications

  LG G7
Display 5.8 inches, 2880 x 1440 pixels (OLED, QHD+)
OS Oreo
Processor Snapdragon 845
Internal Memory 64 GB
Camera Dual camera (back and front)
Battery -
Security Iris scanner 

LG G7: Iris scanner instead of fingerprint reader?

The fingerprint reader is no longer a novelty; on the contrary, it almost seems as if brands are looking for a way out. It will probably be a gradual development and not followed by everyone, which I suppose is a bit like removing the headphone jack. 

The alternatives to the fingerprint reader are already in circulation, one of which is the Face ID integrated on iPhone X, the other is the iris scanner adopted by Samsung on the Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8. The latest rumors in the pipeline suggest that LG will also follow the latter path, but instead use a different solution to its rival.

The LG patent shows a sensor that acts as both a front camera and an iris scanner. There is no infrared LED like the one found on Samsung devices, but a single all-in-one module that can be used for both selfies and unlocking the device. A space-saving solution that we will probably also see on the G7.

lg g7 iris scanner and camera side
An all-in-one module to unlock the G7 with a glance. / © Gizmochina

LG could therefore totally ditch the fingerprint reader or retain both, to give users a choice.

What would you like to find on the G7? What should LG do in your opinion to make users fall in love with its future flagships?

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