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LG Nexus Rumor

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(Picture: AndroidPolice)

LG seems to be making a comeback in 2012. Fresh from the well-received launch of it's 2012 line-up (We know you liked the LG Optimus 4X HD as much as we did!) come rumours that might just help turn the fortunes of the Korean smartphone giant. According to comments an LG exec made to CNET, LG is in “heavy discussions” with Google regarding the fate of the next Nexus phone. Could LG really snap the production rights away from Samsung?

Of course, negotiations don't mean that we'll see an LG Nexus in the near future, but it does show that LG is mounting a series attack on Samsung's domination of the smartphone market. And apparently people in high places are taking them seriously. While they may have faltered with the LG Optimus Speed, LG seems to be making a quality comeback and securing a deal with Google for an LG Nexus would be the ultimate sign that LG is back in a big way.

Source: AndroidPolice

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  • I believe that LG can deliver. We have seen that they have cutting edge design and hardware. Where they are lacking is on the UI and software side. They take forever to implement an update. So it makes sense to pair solid hardware and design to Goog's software skills. I think it could be a winning combination. My wife owns the G2x and it is a solid piece of hardware that was out months before the GS2. Sadly, it took LG forever (argh) to deliver updates.

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