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Light Flow Lite - LED Control – Lots of Options for LED Notifications
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Light Flow Lite - LED Control – Lots of Options for LED Notifications

We’ve been playing around with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus quite a bit of late, and what can we say—it’s an awesome device. The cherry on top is that LED notifications are back! BUT it only lights up in white and can’t be configured. We can do better than that, can’t we? Yes we can—with Light Flow Lite - LED Control!


Reviewed version Latest version
2.11.0LITE Varies with device

Features & Use

Test device
Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Android version: 4.0.2
Root: No
Modifications: None

A few app details

Runs as of: Android 2.2
Apps2SD: No
Total size: ca. 1.55 MB
Optimised for Ice Cream Sandwich: No, but it runs absolutely smoothly

One of the earlier and very celebrated Android smartphones, the Motorola Milestone 1, used LED notifications for calls, SMS, emails, etc. This detail proved to be a big hit with users because it allowed them to see what was new without having to activate their displays.

We were thrilled to see that the Samsug Galaxy Nexus comes with the same LED feature—except that the notification light always winks at you in the same, dreary white light colour. A quick Market search and we came across Light Flow - Lite, an application that allows users to assign different colours to different notifications (i.e. green light for SMS, red light for emails, light blue for missed calls, etc.). Please note that not all devices support all of the available colours, which can be a real let-down for some users, BUT Light Flow - Lite has lots of other tricks up its sleeve:

  • Different frequencies for the blinking contingent on battery or network
  • Automatically deletes notifications when the Android notification bar has been cleared
  • Notofications are deactivated according to certain times (e.g. night mode)
  • Select LED colour
  • Vibrations and sound FX

Light FLow - Lite is the kind of application that allows users to make adjustments according to their own preferences. Notifications can be set for SMS, MMS, emails, calls, calendar events, battery levels, Bluetooth, low/no signal, Google Talk. The lite version does not support connection to other services/apps such as Facebook – check out the pro version if you want those features, though I find that I can do without them. Another difference between the lite and pro version: when using the lite version and you ahve several pending notifications the app will switch to one set frequency.

Light Flow - Lite harbours so many features that it can feel somewhat overwhelming at first. That said, once you've taken the time to familiarise yourself with the application and made all the adjustments, you will find that Light Flow - Lite is a) easy to use, and b) that you won't actually need to make many adjustments once you've set up the app.

In order to check out how the application performs on your device, download it, go to 'Tools' and select 'All enabled LEDs Test'.

Bottom line:

We love what Light Flow Lite - LED Control does: it really allows users to stay on the ball with only minimal effort required. What's missing: a sort of 'simple mode' with far less features and options for users who are interested in setting up a few basic notifications. The app's functions are extensive and it can thus come across as somewhat overwhelming in the beginning. Our advice: give it a go, it's free, after all!

Screen & Controls

The Light Flow Lite - LED Control UI is composed of a menu and it takes a bit of time getting used to how the app works. Once the learning process is over, however, you will find that the application is easy to work with.


Speed & Stability

Light Flow Lite - LED Control runs very fluidly. It remains active in the background but requires very little storage space.

Price/Performance Ratio

Light Flow Lite - LED Control is available for free from the Android Market and our guess is users will be perfectly satisfied with what it has to offer. However, if you want even more check out the full version for 1.82€.


Light Flow Lite - LED Control – Lots of Options for LED Notifications Light Flow Lite - LED Control – Lots of Options for LED Notifications Light Flow Lite - LED Control – Lots of Options for LED Notifications Light Flow Lite - LED Control – Lots of Options for LED Notifications

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