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Linderdaum Puzzle HD

Linderdaum Puzzle HD

Touchscreens make perfect canvases for puzzle games. I'm not much of a puzzle freak but Linderdaum Puzzle HD is one of my personal highlights. What sets this puzzle app apart from the rest? Find out in today's review. 


Reviewed version Latest version
3.0.4 3.3.6

Features & Use

Test devices:
1. Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Android version: 4.2.1
Root: Yes
Modification: Cyanogenmod 10.1 Nightly 3, TouchWiz 5.0 Theme/Design
2. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Android version: 4.0.4
Root: Yes
Modifications: None

Permissions strike us as perfectly straight-forward.

If I’m honest I have to admit that I’m actually not much of a puzzle guy. That said, every now and then - when I’m waiting for an appointment or have a few quiet hours to myself at the end of a long day - I do think about doing puzzles, but then the problem is that I don’t actually have any real puzzle games in my apartment. Luckily, I do have and Android tablet, so the problem is solved!

My least favourite type of puzzle is one that is solved by pulling elements so as to form the picture whilst simultaneously struggling with a stupid blank space that is created as a result – I tend to find this type of puzzle to be frustrating.
Linderdaum Puzzle HD is much more of a classic puzzle game: puzzle pieces simply swap positions and there’s no annoying gap to contend with.
Pick the amount of puzzle pieces you wish to work with (3x3 - 8x14 or even 12x22 on tablets). Trust me that sorting out over 200 puzzle pieces can be quite a challenge!
Choose pictures from the extensive galleries or else upload your own pics via Flickr or Picasa.

If you’re a puzzle pro and want something you can really sink your teeth into: why not pick something uniform such as gravel or grass and select a high number of puzzle pieces. That should keep you occupied for the next few hours!

The overall aesthetic quality is very good: the pictures are nice and sharp and even the music suits the mood of the app quite nicely.

What else does Linderdaum Puzzle HD have to offer? You can choose to deactivate the grid if you don’t want the black frame, and you will receive awards for your accomplishments.

Bottom line:

Linderdaum Puzzle HD is an excellent puzzle application that may just keep you glued to your display for several hours on end.

Screen & Controls

Linderdaum Puzzle HD is very easy to use. We especially like that there aren’t any control elements visible when working on a puzzle. This helps keep the picture nice and clean.

The choice of 3D images is good and the pictures look great but we wish there were more options for scrolling through the selection than pulling the pictures along horizontally.

Speed & Stability

Absolutely no stability issues with Linderdaum Puzzle HD whatsoever. The only small bump we came across is that a few animations within the menu section may sputter momentarily on the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Price/Performance Ratio

Linderdaum Puzzle HD costs EUR1.83 if you purchase from the AndroidPIT App Center and EUR2.95 if you purchase from Google Play. There are no further in-app purchases or other costs that may come your way.

A free, non-HD version of Linderdaum is also available.


Linderdaum Puzzle HD Linderdaum Puzzle HD

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