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Locus Pro – An extensive GPS tool

Locus Pro – An extensive GPS tool

Whether you're out hiking in the woods or simply running around the city: Locus Pro is a phenomenal tool to help you keep your bearings. All about GPS, this application is made for tracking, positioning or simple navigation.

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Reviewed version Latest version
2.7.4 3.29.2

Features & Use

Test device:
-Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4.2.1

An assistant is there to guide you through the set up and explain the key settings.

The first step is to assign how you'd like to use Locus Pro:

  • as a beginner
  • as an expert
  • marking a track
  • geo caching
  • navigation

The three last options are special modules that can be activated at a later point in time. This is meant to help keep the app a little tidier and easier to activate. There are several other features which users are free to decide whether to unlock or not, such as additional programmes for geo caching pages, Latitude and Foursquare.

That's about all there is to say regarding set up, now you can dive right into the app itself. Locus starts with a main landing screen which is where the map can be seen. Above and below the map you will find two bars:
The upper bar allows to to quickly access all major functions: main menu and three buttons that can be filled with standard settings for GPS, data and maps.

The bottom bar is reserved for functions related to navigating the map: change location, set map to compass or manual, zoom in and out (multi touch gestures available).

The main menu harbours the following options:

  • Maps: This is where users can access all available maps (e.g. OSM), including downloaded maps.
  • Data: List of POIs, tracks and other elements that can be edited, exported or imported.
  • Locus Store: The app's store via which you may purchase more apps or designs.
  • Functions: Allows you to access all functions, including mapping a track.
  • Settings: All settings can be found here.

Bottom line:

It isn't possible to fit in all of the Locus Pro features into one single review. There are simply too many features and functions, which on the whole is a major advantage for users,be it for using whilst on vacation, outdoors doing sports or every day around the city.

I was majorly impressed by the extensive tracking features such as live tracking and streaming in the internet.

The Locus Store is also a plus point should you wish to purchase additional maps to use in offline mode.

We also like the modules which can be displayed or not, making the application a little easier to navigate.

One of the latest features is a more fleshed out version of geocaching.

I am impressed by this application's performance and functionality scope. Users who enjoy being outdoors will appreciate the GPS tracking feature. A free version is available should you wish to check out and get acquainted with the app before purchasing.

Screen & Controls

Locus Pro comes with a great layout. The design is both contemporary and pleasing to the eye.

A large scope of functionality can have a few drawbacks in the sense that sometimes operating the app can feel a bit muddled and confusing. In the case of Locus Pro my guess is that it will take a bit of time before you understand how to navigate the programme really effectively.


Speed & Stability

Locus Pro is very stabile. There were a few short loading times which didn't bother us much. The application draws quite a lot of energy from the battery.


Price/Performance Ratio

Locus Pro is our app of the week (until December 16th) and costs only €3.99 instead of €7.68, which – though steep – is a perfectly adequate price for an app with so many functions.

Expand the application to offline maps by shopping in the Locus Store (please note, however, that extra features will cost extra money). Some maps cost more than others; there are a few special deals with which you can download 2GB for €0.99.


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