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Logos Quiz – Which brand is it?
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Logos Quiz – Which brand is it?

Reviewing today’s app made me realise, yet again, how powerfully and actively our subconscious mind works. Perhaps you've seen an image circulating on Facebook and other networks displaying the outlines of different types of tree leaves on one side and different brand logos on the other—the challenge was to identify both the leaves and logos, and most people found it easier to say what the logos were, our generation being so disconnected from botanical knowledge that we no longer know what common tree leaves look like.

Anyway, this made me realise that I know quite a few brand logos, so I decided to download Logos Quiz and do an in depth test of my marketing saturated brain. Find out more below!



Reviewed version Latest version
1.9.3 29_8_14

Features & Use

Test devices:
-Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4.0.4
-Acer Iconia A500 with 4.0.3 Custom ROM

Start up the app and select either "Online Contest", "New Game", "High Scores" or "Get free hints".
Hit New Game in order to access the different levels. In each level the goal is to try and correctly guess a certain amount of logos. When you do, the following level becomes activated. There are 80 icons per level. Click on one in order to see it enlarged and enter the answer in the input field. If you’re unsure about what a logo is you can check out three hints. However, hints are rationed, or rather they too must be activated.
There are all sorts of logos represented here, from corporate to sports leagues to program logos. In other words, a pretty good mix that’s sure to appeal to a broad spectrum of users.
Online Contest is a fun alternative if you're up for playing against a real opponent: you will compete under time restrainst and try to guess what five different logos are in order to win.
High Score lists are based on swarm (similar to Opent-Feint). You must sign up in order to compare scores with other players.
Get free hints harbours options for, well, getting free hints by rating the app, liking it on Facebook and downloading other apps.
Bottom line:

I like the Logos Quiz concept and ist implementation. The tips are basically background infos, which make it easier to guess what logos are. There are a lot of American brands and sports teams represented here, so our international English speaking community may find some aspects more challenging than our American readers. Currently there are over 400 logos on board.


Screen & Controls

The Logos Quiz design in simple and straight forward. The icons are too small, but bear in mind that we tested the app on the Galaxy Nexus which is a high resolution device. It would be great if the developers worked on this aspect and the logos were a bit bigger in future.
There’s no tablet specific design.


Speed & Stability

Logos Quiz is stabile and didn’t crash once.
That said, scrolling through logos is quite laggy. Again, dear developers, please take note and sort out these issues!


Price/Performance Ratio

Logos Quiz is free and can be downloaded from Google Play.
Ads are displayed everywhere but didn’t bother me at all.



Logos Quiz – Which brand is it? Logos Quiz – Which brand is it? Logos Quiz – Which brand is it? Logos Quiz – Which brand is it? Logos Quiz – Which brand is it? Logos Quiz – Which brand is it? Logos Quiz – Which brand is it?

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