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Lords & Knights - Strategy MMO

Authored by: Bernhardt Fischer — Jan 1, 2013

The Beta phase is over which means - drum roll - the official Lords & Knights - Strategy MMO has hit the stands.

This game has proved to be popular as a browser game, but do Android games really stand a chance against mighty computer games?

Let’s find out how the app performed in our test runs and what the overall verdict is. Read on!



Reviewed version Latest version
2.0.5 5.5.0

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100G)
Android version: 4.0.4
Root: No
As of Android: 2.2

Browser games are a dime a dozen. Set in galaxies far, far away, the Middle Ages or some abandoned city, it seems as though the bar is raised pretty high and the question is: can an Android game compete with that?

I should start by saying that Lords & Knights - Strategy MMO is obe of the first Middle Ages MMOGs to cross over to Android.

Lords & Knights - Strategy MMO is the sort of game that has to built up, starting with a fortress which users then have to enlarge and build from. You can then go on to building more castles, as well as attacking other players’ castles and taking over.

Materials can easily be stocked up by clicking on the resources regularly. Resources can then be transformed into other materials that can be used for a number of things.

The goal is to expand one’s own kingdom and keep it safe from enemies. One good way of becoming stronger against enemy attacks is by forming leagues with other players.

This latest version for Android is free of many of the small drawbacks that were still present in the beta version. For instance, it is now possible to zoom in to the map better, and sound effect and animations have been added to give the game a more dynamic feel.

Bottom line:

Lords & Knights - Strategy MMO is a free MMO that runs on most platforms and has successfully crossed over from popular online game to engaging app.

Lots of missions and the prospect of working with other players helps keep many fans hooked on the game.


Screen & Controls

Lords & Knights - Strategy MMO is easy to navigate and controls feel intuitive. The menus are kept in the same look as the rest of the game.


Speed & Stability

Lords & Knights - Strategy MMO runs smootly and without lagging or crashing.


Price/Performance Ratio

Lords & Knights - Strategy MMO is available for free from our AndroidPIT App Center. You really can’t beat that price (i.e. nothing, zilch, diddly, zip) and, IMO, what you’re getting in exchange is one of the best MMOs currently available for Android.



Lords & Knights - Strategy MMO Lords & Knights - Strategy MMO Lords & Knights - Strategy MMO Lords & Knights - Strategy MMO Lords & Knights - Strategy MMO
Angefangen mit der großen Liebe für Computer & allem rund um das Internet, revolutioniert das iPhone damals meine Welt. Doch schnell steigerte sich Android und es fand eine Wachablösung statt. Seit Januar 2012 arbeite Ich nun bei AndroidPIT und versorge euch -mit großem Vergnügen- mit Testberichten zu empfehlenswerten Apps. Nebenbei war Ich lange als Judo-Kämpfer aktiv und mache momentan eine Ausbildung zum Bürokaufmann, die jedoch letztendlich als Wirtschaftsfachwirt enden wird. Immer in der Hosentasche dabei: Mein geliebtes Samsung Galaxy S2!


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