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Can smart scales really help you lose weight?

Can smart scales really help you lose weight?

In 2019, for many people, a set of scales must be able to do much than just measure their weight. Information about body fat percentage, muscle and bone mass, a fancy app, and of course Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, preferably both - all of these are in demand. Yet, the question is, do they actually help you lose weight?

A note before we start: of course there is no definitive answer to this question, and a few things are clear from the start. The scales won't stop you from shoveling Nutella in your mouth at midnight and they won't go to the gym for you either. The technology isn't that advanced, and let's not kid ourselves: it never will be.

Nevertheless, I am convinced that these modern scales can actually help you lose a few pounds and live a little healthier. The most important point here is a heavy conscience. That comes, at least in my experience, faster than with normal scales, which only show me my (usually still too high) weight.

The app is annoying, but that's good

Each of these smart scales, whether from electronics manufacturers like Huawei or specialists like Withings, comes with an app. And the app gets on my nerves, but in a good way. It asks me why I haven't been on the scales today. There is no point in hiding the scales under the bed or in a cupboard and ignoring them - the app continues to make its presence known. It reminds me that the weight loss progress must be monitored continuously and graphically demonstrates if the kilos are going up or down.

Withings Body 03
Withings is one of the best-known manufacturers of modern body fat scales. / © AndroidPIT

Of course, I can remember that information myself, but if you consistently use such the scales for a few weeks, they provide really useful data. It shows longer-term trends, despite the normal small fluctuations, and not only in weight. Fat and water are at least as interesting, and those who increase their exercise load will also be pleased with information about increasing muscle mass. The visualization and the analysis of the data over a longer period are the big advantages of smart scales, in my opinion.

The scales actually helped me

Of course, there can be concerns about this health data if the scales are connected to the Internet, and especially if they have direct Wi-Fi access. I personally feel a little more secure if the scales only communicate with my smartphone via Bluetooth, even if it's a little less convenient. Overall, however, I don't see it as a big problem.

Anyone who has stuck until this point should also know: smart scales can definitely help you on your weight loss journey. I started using one about a year ago and although I'm still a long way from being super slim and fit, I'm a lot lighter than I used to be. Of course, I achieved this myself, but I benefited from using the scales greatly.

What about you? Have you used smart scales before? Did they help you lose weight? Let us know in the comments below.

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