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The Lumigon T3 is the smartphone you haven't heard of, but really should have
Hardware 2 min read 19 comments

The Lumigon T3 is the smartphone you haven't heard of, but really should have

What if I told you there was a Danish manufacturer of premium Android smartphones on the verge of releasing what could become one of the most exciting devices of the year? Well, that's what I'm telling you, folks. If you don't know about Lumigon yet, here's why you should. 

androidpit lumigon hero 8
Say hello to the Lumigon T3. / © Lumigon

Lumigon is a Scandanavian company founded in 2009 based in Copenhagen. It has already released a handful of smartphones, but its latest model, the Lumigon T3, is set for release this month and it looks extremely inviting.

The T3 comes with Android 6.0, 3 GB of RAM, and makes use of some premium build materials to ensure it's one tough cookie (though its 720p display might be a turnoff for some people). It's grabbing headlines thanks to its implementation of a night vision camera, but it comes with a slew of other interesting features.

androidpit lumigon hero 2
The T3 has a fingerprint scanner and can be used as a universal remote. / © Lumigon

For starters, its design is unlike anything else on Android right now, with an eye-catching, curved top and bottom. It looks effortlessly cool, but it also can be used a universal remote, a compass, temperature sensor and altimeter (for when you take it rock-climbing). 

androidpit lumigon hero 10
The curved design looks cool and sophisticated. / © Lumigon

Here are some of the key features:

  • Marine-grade 316 stainless steel chassis 
  • 4.8-inch Super AMOLED 720p display with Gorilla Glass 4 protection
  • MediaTek Helio X10 2.2 GHz 64-bit octa-core processor
  • 3 GB RAM
  • 128 GB of internal storage space
  • 13 MP rear camera with dual tone flash, phase detection autofocus, 5 MP front camera
  • 4 MP night vision camera with dual IR flash
  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Universal remote control
  • Wireless charging
androidpit lumigon hero 6
Kind of creepy notification LED, though. / © Lumigon

The Lumigon T3 is scheduled for release in June. It can be pre-ordered from today starting at $740 and running up to $925 depending on the sales tax in your region. A 24-karat gold version can be picked up for $1,200. 

What do you think of the Lumigon T3? Would you like to own one? Let me know in the comments.


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  • Now it just cost $120

  • And I'll say it again why are cell phone prices so high. ok we do want the best , now with so many cell phone manufacturers prices should not be in the $700 range. it's all about making money for real and not helping the consumer that can't afford a $700 to $900 phone.

  • Looks good but that kind of money to much

  •   18
    Deactivated Account Jun 20, 2016 Link to comment

    Only price is premium. Manufacturing a phone with marine grade steel - Why? Every time I read about any premium phone manufacturer, their specifications are of budget phones/ but what they do, put gold, diamond, ruby or marine grade steel to make it premium.
    When we are talking about technology then why mix jewellery or something else in it. Specifications & built quality is primary everything else is secondary.

  • storm Jun 20, 2016 Link to comment

    Way over priced for its specs.

  • the display is far to small. it has to be at least 5,2. 5.5 would be the best

  • Here follow some things that assure this will *not* be "one of the most exciting Android smartphones of the year":
    1. Screen resolution: 720p, really?
    2. Screen size: 4.8 inch, surely not trending.
    3. Camera: no OIS?
    4. OS: Android 6.0 has been improved by the 6.0.1.
    5. Battery? They write "High capacity Li-ion battery" on their website, not exactly informative.
    6. Price!!!
    Good luck exporting this phone...

    • Fair comment, though I do think Android is crying out for phones with less than 5-inch displays ^^

      • You're right, or at least a problem I see here is that, while flagships tend to have small screen bezels (often giving a "small-screen"-like grip), the small screens are left to the cheap segment, thus not actually monetizing on the need you identify.
        Just take the iPhone6: it weights 129 g, has a 4.7" screen and measures 138.1x67x6.9 mm, i.e. ~65.8% screen-to-body ratio. Now take (an example) the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: it weights 152 g, has a 5.5" and measures 142.4x69.6x7.9 mm, i.e. ~76.1% screen-to-body ratio. Can you imagine what a 76% screen-to-body ratio would mean for a phone with the iPhone6 dimensions? The answer is: a 5.4" screen!
        Thus, IMHO, the problem for this outcry is the manufacturing cost of small bezel phones (Apple gains more money per sold device...).
        BTW, on gsmarena I can easily find 1710 results for Android smartphones with a screen <= 4.9" in size.

      • "BTW, on gsmarena I can easily find 1710 results for Android smartphones with a screen <= 4.9" in size." -- bad news :(

        "the problem for this outcry is the manufacturing cost of small bezel phones," yeah I know and this SUCKS because this is the key to creating small phones with a large display area! Which is exactly what I want!!

  • A 1080p display should be the lowest resolution on a smartphone right now. I won't buy a phone with a 720p display, no matter what other great specs it has or build quality.

  • Would love one of these!

  • What's up with the 720p display?

  • yes but the problem is you von't get any update to it ,larst yers l2 vil not get opdate to marsmellow you hav to bye l3 to get it så it is no go for me

  • Looks great, but 806 euro inc VAT without accessories. About £630. Bit rich?

  • Will it be available on contract in the United Kingdom