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Mapping Wars: Nexus 4 Page Touts Google's Superior Maps App

Google was never one to brag about their Maps app. But now that the world has heaped its scorn on Apple's Maps, the company is positioning the Nexus 4 as a better option for getting around town. The new Nexus 4 page devotes a large portion of their promotional coverage to Google Maps. Google describes how it can get you from A to B with turn-by-turn navigation, live traffic info, reviews from Zagat and rich satellite imagery. The point being: you can't find any of that on an iPhone 5.*

Maps have become a key battleground between Apple and Google. While Apple has been inundated with complaints over the post-apocalyptic look of their Maps' 3D imagery – the controversy even forced iOS software chief Scott Forstell out of the company when he refused to apologized – Google has released impressive updates for Google Street View, even charting schools of fish in the Great Barrier Reef. The goal seems to be: hit Apple where it hurts. 

So I suppose I'm not surprised to see Google Maps now getting such a big shout-out on the Nexus 4 page, although I find it a bit odd: don't consumers know you can download Google Maps on any Android device?

*Of course you can find these things on iOS 6, but Google would like to think their services are better.

Source: Google


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  • It's true that Google announced the lineup today, a week or so after Apple presented the iPad mini. By the title of your article, it seems like Google is doing some sort of copy of Apple's strategy. Of course that is not really how it went. Even though <a href='http://reviews-plus.blogspot.com'>Apple</a> usually has an advance in product strategy, the case of the iPad mini that completed their lineup might be the most striking example of how, in the end, even a company like Apple might have some catch-up to do. The practice of simplifying complicated matters in a way that ends up in the advance of Apple is somewhat disturbing for an independant newspaper.

  • ljhaye Oct 30, 2012 Link to comment

    @ Steve Blum I know they got kicked out but the reason was that Google refused to update the maps app without getting more access to the user information and Apple refused to budge on their privacy policies.

    The point of my comments were in reference to the last sentence of your first paragraph, which mentioned a difference that wasn't a difference.

  • My point isn't that all of Google's claims are totally and completely 100% valid. I'm just saying it's interesting how much space they're devoting to Google Maps when it's not exclusive to the Nexus 4.

    Also, Apple kicked Google out of their ecosystem. That's a fact. If you'd like some sources, I can give you a whole bunch.

  • ljhaye Oct 30, 2012 Link to comment

    @ alexandr boriskin No troll just pointing out that the differences voiced in the article aren't really differences. I also own a Droid Razr Maxx as my personal phone...

  • "not sure serious or troll" :))

  • ljhaye Oct 30, 2012 Link to comment

    @ steven Blum your comments are inaccurate on my iPad 3 the new maps app have turn by turn navigation, yelp reviews, satellite imagery, and live traffic info. This is also the same maps app on the iPhone 5 and 4S. So I'm not sure why your bringing up iphone 5 maps app when we should be focusing on the improved features on the google maps app.

    By the way the previous maps app on iOS provided by Google was Grade A garbage( as it had no turn by turn, no voice, no reviews, no street rotation, wasn't vector based, and required cellular or wifi to be on all the time for it to still work) Apples' new in house solution is 1000x's better and its google's fault since they refused to update their app for iOS.