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Marshmallow leaks on Galaxy Note 5: looks better, runs slower

An early build of the Android 6.0 Marshmallow software for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has been released we've started getting to grips with the new interface. The full OTA rollout hasn't begun quite yet but if this initial phase goes well, it should be just around the corner. So what’s the story so far? Well, let’s just say the Marshmallow TouchWiz UI looks and feels much better but performance may have taken a nosedive. Check out our early thoughts below. 

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androidpit samsung galaxy note 5 14
It's almost time to leave Lollipop behind on the Galaxy Note 5. / © ANDROIDPIT

There have been many small aesthetic improvements, but one of the first things you will notice is that the notifications shade is a lot nicer. The dark blue background is gone and instead it is now white, with blue and lime green icons. It's cleaner and more sophisticated. 

AndroidPIT Galaxy Note 5 Android 6 0 Marshmallow
The new notification shade (left) on Android 6.0. / © ANDROIDPIT

The settings menu is much the same to look at, but it has some additional features, such as a useful features section which includes access to settings like easy mute and camera quick launch. 

androidpit samsung galaxy note 5 marshmallow 6
Samsung has added a "useful features" section to its settings menu. / © ANDROIDPIT

The power off menu also looks a little slicker, and the battery options now show consumption in mAh; a particularly helpful addition for those who wish to monitor such things. However, you may be disappointed to learn that there hasn't been a change to the Air Command window nor the camera interface.

androidpit samsung galaxy note 5 marshmallow 5
The lock screen (left) and power off menu have a new look. / © ANDROIDPIT

Generally speaking, real world performance seems smoother than ever. With that being said, we ran some initial Antutu benchmarks and the results are poorer than they were with the Galaxy Note 5 on Lollipop (in once instance, far poorer). Our average for the Note 5 on Lollipop on Antutu was 65440, but our average here was 57320. 

androidpit samsung galaxy note 5 marshmallow performance
Three Note 5 Antutu benchmark scores following the Marshmallow update. / © ANDROIDPIT

The guys at XDA Developers found the performance was better when running a Geekbench test, but its Antutu score was similar to our own. XDA developers also noted that the Note 5 displayed no signs of memory management issues on initial tests; something which we can confirm in our short time with the device.

Overall it's a good first impression for Marshmallow on the Note 5. The TouchWiz UI isn't radically different, but it looks better and at least appears to perform as well. Also, remember this is an early version of the software and will be optimized before the full rollout. 

To find out when you can expect Marshmallow on your Galaxy Note 5, head to our Galaxy Note 5 Android update page

Are you excited to flash Marshmallow on the Galaxy Note 5? Let us know in comments.



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  • I really think what's going on with these "free OS updates" is that the phone companies and Samsung know that the new OS will demand more resources than your one or two-year-old phone has and, therefore, will in fact make it run slow and freeze. They also know that some people will just give up and go buy a new phone. And that translates into $$$ for Samsung, T-Mobile, Technically, they're not doing anything wrong, but they are in fact acting as predators towards those who don't know any better and will give up and go spend another thousand bucks on a new phone.

    If you ask any psychologist, social worker or pastor worth his or her salt, they will tell you that luring people in like that when their existing phone was working well and with the ulterior motive of taking their money is very wicked behaviour. And if they try to tell me that that is not their motive, I'm sure the next thing they would do, if they could, would be to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.

    Actually, what Samsung and the phone companies are doing by pushing these new OS's onto old phones that really can't run them is a much bigger rip off than if they were trying to sell a bridge that they really didn't own.

  • Sein Hanh Jan 17, 2016 Link to comment

    im kinda excited too..what im expecting in android 6 is that the battery drainage in note 5 is to be fixed.

  • Good day
    Still I did not get mashmallow 6.0 update in my galaxy note 5 kindly let me to know when I can get it

  • Frank Dec 8, 2015 Link to comment

    I'll bet the Sprint variant will come with the data toggle - just like it had it from KitKat to 5.1.1.
    Can't say I care much for the blinding white. Wanam Xposed will fix that. 😃


  • Still no mobile data toggle? Disappointing.

  • kayce m. Nov 19, 2015 Link to comment

    does using the google launcher rather than the TouchWiz ui make a significant difference in speed?

  • Excellent review except for the slowness issue comments. You should expect it to be slower. Not only is it probably a debug build, but it isn't the version that is ready for release - the last several things done when any software is released for distribution to the carriers is to be recompiled as a runtime (release) build, which optimizes for speed and removes the debug information, then run through QA testing and then further tweaked for performance through the last final code fixes.

  • Stratis Nov 18, 2015 Link to comment

    awful once again 😢

    • Lol at this fool.

    • How do you figure? This article only points out a marginal decrease in performance in a particular benchmark, and this isn't a final build. Also it improves memory and has about the same performance most of the time. What were you expecting from a leak build? Suddenly you'd have the ability for your phone to perform twice as well as it had been?

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