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Math Workout – Brain Jogging

Math Workout – Brain Jogging

Life throws a lot our way and most of us are always busy fretting, thinking, pondering and strategising—but even so, our little grey cells can definitely use a bit of a workout every now and then. Whether it’s reading 20th century French deconstructuralism, playing Sudoku or doing crossword puzzles, a lot of things will do the trick. Test your mathematic skills and exercise your empirical abilities with Math Workout. Is the app any good? Find out in today’s review.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.59 Varies with device

Features & Use

First impression:
math drills for primary school students or adults who don’t dabble in pure maths and are looking to solve simple mathematical problems.

In all honesty, I was somewhat put off when I first started using the app and was asked to solve problems such as ‘8 x 2’ or ‘6 – 2’. Those types of equations are fine for younger children, but mercifully my mathematical knowledge is slightly more advanced than time tables and simple subtractions. However, I was wrong to write Math Workout off so hastily: the first few drills are designed to ascertain a user’s level against which they will later compete—so basically you are competing against yourself, and against time. Your progress (or regression, poor sod!) can be tracked using the charts.

The options:

• Addition and Subtraction
• Multiplication and Division
• I'm Feeling Clever! (all four basic arithmetic operation in 20 equations)
• World Challenge (50 equations with internet high score)

The difficulty level is set to ‘Easy’ by default. Now, you may be feeling very sure of your level of mathematic brilliance, but think again if you thought switching to ‘Medium’ or ‘Hard’ could be done just like that. You have to make it through all 20 equations in the ‘I’m Feeling Clever’ mode before the other levels become available to you.

Bottom line:

Math Workout is a great app that’s had a tremendous amount of success. A lot of users keep it on their devices and will revisit it even months after they installed it because it really does give you a quick little brain workout. If you’re doing gloriously well you may enjoy sharing your high scores online with others.

Screen & Controls

Math Workout has a brilliant layout that’s easy to use. The menu consists of radio buttons – very straight forward – and arithmetic problems are displayed at the top of the screen. Answer can be typed in below.  The design is fun and innovative.

Speed & Stability

Once Math Workout has been installed it can be accessed quickly and easily by clicking on its icon. The arithmetic tests worked well in all difficulty levels, and the app ran very smoothly throughout our test phase.

Price/Performance Ratio

Math Workout is available for free from the Android Market. The app is supported by ad banners and a premium version that's ad free can be purchased.


Math Workout – Brain Jogging Math Workout – Brain Jogging

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  • Sorin Dec 28, 2017 Link to comment

    Useful for multiplication, division and mental computational exercises in general, being a good workout for schoolchildren.