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How to get better Android battery life with AutoData

How to get better Android battery life with AutoData

If there's something we'd all like from our handsets, it's a little more battery life. You might be impressed by the longevity of your Nexus 5 or Moto X, but few people would turn down the chance to gain a little more life. This is something that AutoData can help with, by switching off your data connection when it's not needed and turning it back on every now and then to check for messages.

moto x 2014 5
By switching off your data connection when it's not needed, AutoData boosts you battery. / © ANDROIDPIT

There are all sorts of tools that can be used to help squeeze a little more life out of your battery, and even simple things like adjusting the brightness of your screen can make a huge difference. You may have looked at apps like Tasker or another automation tool, but many of these utilities are more complicated than they need to be.

AutoData is a little different. Rather than overwhelming you with a wealth of options that you might it use, this is an app that is concerned only with switching your data connection on and off. The idea is very simple. If your phone's screen is off, it's likely that you're not going to need your data connection, so the connection may as well be disabled.

autodata 1
AutoData is a superbly useful app, yet it is free of charge. / © ANDROIDPIT

Grab a copy AutoData from Google Play – it's both free of charge and free from ads – and get it installed. Fire up the app and if you see an Off label in the center of the screen, tap the Off toggle button at the bottom of the screen to enable the app.

autodata 2
A simple toggle is all it takes to enable AutoData and increase battery life. / © ANDROIDPIT

By default, AutoData will turn off your data connection 15 minutes after your screen has been inactive. This helps to save your battery, but it could mean that you miss out on incoming communication. To get around this, the app will automatically re-enable your data connection for one minute every 20 minutes. Should you manually turn on your screen at any time, your data connection will be automatically re-enabled.

If you would prefer to use timings of your own, tap the Settings button.

autodata 3
AutoData's timings can be customized to suit your preferences. / © ANDROIDPIT

Use the "Wait (min)" drop down menu to choose how many minutes your screen needs to be inactive before AutoData turns off your data connection. Use the "Repeat every (min)" to indicate how frequently your data connection should be switched back on for a minute. The longer the gaps, the more battery life you can expect to save.

Keep in mind that if you start a lengthy download and then leave your phone unattended, it could be interrupted – you may need to adjust your settings or disable AutoData if you find that this is the case. To turn off the app, just tap the On toggle.

Have you tried out AutoData, or are there any other battery saving apps you like?

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