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Medieval Wars:Strategy&Tactics: Test your wits in the Middle Ages

Medieval Wars:Strategy&Tactics: Test your wits in the Middle Ages

HeroCraft, the makers behind the Strategy & Tactics series, have already presented two new successful titles and have now extend their row of tactical games with a third edition.

How Medieval Wars: Strategy & Tactics differs from its predecessors and whether an installation is worthwhile will be talked about today!



  • Transparency of the unit strengths
  • Gameplay
  • Controls


  • In-app purchases
Reviewed on Android version Root Modifications Reviewed version Latest version
Google Nexus 4 4.4.2 No 1.0.2 1.0.14

Features & Use

After the player has fought in World War II and in a fictitious " Cold War", the player is now taken to the Middle Ages. The familiar gameplay remains true to the series; it’s turn-based and largely dominated by tactics. The game mechanics are similar to Risk, in addition to new ideas that increase the diversity of the tactics involved in the game. In the end, this helps challenge the players again and again.

In the latest edition, there is a total of three fractions at your disposal. In addition to England and France, you are able to take on the crusade campaign, while the total number of missions is 16. It should be noted that this wealth of missions is available only via in-app purchasing. In the free version, the three missions are noticeably limited and multiplayer mode is limited to a single card. In fact, the multiplayer component is the main asset of the series. Here, two opponents come into a competitive setting against each other and thus the full potential of the game can be exploited.

But the battles can get underway, the player needs to learn and master the game. Medieval Wars is based, as already mentioned, on the successful gameplay of the classic risk. The application eases new players skillfully into the fundamental rules, while the sense making the right tactical decisions is learned only in the game. The tutorial is nonetheless a good start and the missions in the course of a campaign players are increasingly challenged. Overall, the difficulty augmentations are acceptable, though a more accurate adaptation to their own skills would be desirable.

The tutorial gets the player on the right foot. © AndroidPIT

As the game progresses, it becomes clear that some old problems from the developer’s past games are also in Medieval Wars. However the largest point of criticisms from these older apps was resolved. Presently they’ve included new unit types found in the game collection. In the past games, there was some confusion in regards to strengths, weaknesses and calculation of the individual units. This is cleared by a list of unit strengths from the world overall. The tactical depth is increased by this measure and now, it is possible that the innovative aspects of the game is effectively used. It’s evidently now possible to perform coordinated attacks from multiple fields.

The unit strengths are finally more clear. © AndroidPIT

As mentioned in the last paragraph, there are still a few rough edges in Medieval Wars. Nothing interferes with the flow of the game as much as in-app purchases. After all, the "full version " of the game costs 5.15 euros. Due to the constant possibility to purchase gold and troops, an uneasy feeling creeps into the gameplay. Is this difficult passage due to how I am playing the game or should I buy gold coins to improve my performance? This predicament was constant during the test period, even if the game experience without purchasing of coins is very good.

Screen & Controls

In Medieval Wars, just like any of the past goes, the player shouldn’t expect stunning graphical effects. The focus of the game is already different. The tactical elements are front and center while the the graphical presentation did turnout well, though the charming drawings are rather minimalistic.

Don't expect out of this world graphics: it does the trick, while the main point of the game is tactics.  © AndroidPIT

Controls are very well done and created almost no frustration in the game due to incorrect entries, even if the feedback, especially for small input elements, could be more accurate.

Speed & Stability

The application was consistently stable and had no crashes.

Price/Performance Ratio

Medieval Wars: Strategy & Tactics is available for free and is ad-supported. The scope of the free version is severely limited.  In a modular system or in the overall package, a lot more content is available.

Final verdict

Medieval Wars: Strategy & Tactics is a really great game for fans of turn-based strategy. By focusing on the tactical elements, the game could convince even the most hardcore of players and is a great addition to the entire series.

Unfortunately, the current game’s main issue is in-app purchases, although this does not intervene drastically in the fun you will have. There is, however, a small, yet constant feeling of uneasiness in the background. A feeling that doesn’t justify a full price of 5.15 euros.

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