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MeteoEarth - Accurate weather for on the go!
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MeteoEarth - Accurate weather for on the go!

The makers of the all-time favorite weather app WeatherPro have done it again and the've come up with something new. Last Thursday, the app MeteoEarth made its debut in the Play Store. But what can it do?

MeteoEarth presents very picturesque and sleek weather information on a world map, just like you see on TV. As a matter of fact, the presentation is actually based on the same service that many TV channels are using. You can imagine how good the information quality must be. If you want to learn more about the app, it's available with us as the app of the week at an even cheaper price. Read more about it in our app test review before you make your purchase!


Reviewed version Latest version
1.0 2.2.4

Features & Use

Test devices
Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4.2.2
ASUS Nexus 7 with 4.2.2 Custom ROM

As soon as you've started up the app, it will start showing you weather information. In the top margin of the main screen, you'll see the selected cities, along with time, country, weather and temperature. The map is then the main focus on the corresponding section.

Under the map, you will find a drop-down menu with the following options:

  • 3D: Here you turn the 3D view of the globe on and off. Weirdly enough, the 2D version of the map is quite stretched out (which is a very common projection of a 2D world map).
  • Lighting: Here you can configure whether the map is shown black at night with only the city lights visible or else just a normal view.
  • Location chooser: If you tap on this button, a small cursor will appear on the map that you can push around. You see the temperature of the chosen location for example.
  • Info: Here you have information about the map (like a cloud explanation for example)
  • Location: If you tap in this icon shaped like an arrow, you can see your own location at that very moment right on the map.
  • Settings: you can change the view settings (country borders, speed, quality...)

Let's take a look at the top bar. In the middle, you obviously have the map, which you operate using the multi-touch gestures as usual. It worked really well! You can really imagine this map as a complete 3D globe, on which you can smoothly zoom in or turn on its axle.

On the bottom margin, you have to two bars. The top one offers you the choices of maps and is also a drop-down menu.

  • Temperature: Here you won't have the satellite view (like Google Maps for example) but a small one with dots ranging from white (very cold) to red (very hot) that represent the temperature.
  • Precipitation: This is shown over the normal map and with varying colors according to the different types of precipitation.
  • Clouds: Like it clearly states, the clouds are shown on the map.
  • Wind: The particles or streams are very well animated to show the air currents. Varying speeds have different colors and lengths.
  • Air pressure: This is also nicely done. The colors are set accordingly to high and low air pressure.

Like I just mentioned, there's a bar right at the bottom of the margin, which shows a timeline for the next 24 hours. Just like a video, you can press play or even manually maneuver the timeline. It's cool to see how the clouds develop during the day.

In the normal version, you can see how the weather develops and the corresponding information for the next 24 hours. If you buy the premium version, you can see the weather for the next four days. You can either get it for 1.59 Euros for three months or 4.99 Euros for 12 months.

Bottom Line

MeteoEarth is an app, whose functions aren't the easiest to control. However its design is first class.You should also keep in mind that MeteoEarth is the only app that captures the same information that big weather channels do.

For those who are really interested in getting accurate weather, you should definitely give this app a try. Though it doesn't offer you the typical 14 day graph of weather predictions, you can get a good picture of how the weather will develop for the next 24 hours. What’s more, the app would be a very good learning method for kids and all of those keen on knowing more about weather.

Screen & Controls

Like I mentioned before, MeteoEarth is really the crème de la crème graphically. Seamless maps are fluidly animated and look good in their 3D versions. The maps are easily and intuitively controlled. In this category, I give the app 5 stars because it really deserves it!

Something worth pointing out is that the app works really well on tablets and looks cool on the big display.

Speed & Stability

MeteoEarth's speed and stability was great and there was nothing to complain about. Everything ran smoothly and didn't crash. Sometimes I had to wait a few minutes for the map to load, since the amount of loading data is quite big.

Price/Performance Ratio

Since MeteoEarth is our app of the week, we are offering it at a better price. Normally it goes for $5.11, but we are selling it for $2.30, which is even better than the launch price in the Google Play store. This offer is available from April 1st to April 7th 2013.

For those who want to observe the weather days in advance, you can buy it for 1.59 Euros for three months or 4.99 Euros for 12 months. It is available in our App Center. (see US dollar equivalent in App Center)


MeteoEarth - Accurate weather for on the go! MeteoEarth - Accurate weather for on the go! MeteoEarth - Accurate weather for on the go! MeteoEarth - Accurate weather for on the go! MeteoEarth - Accurate weather for on the go! MeteoEarth - Accurate weather for on the go!

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