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Microsoft and Google Against Dual OS Devices

Microsoft and Google Against Dual OS Devices

Asus’ attempts at bringing devices that sport both Windows and Android operating systems seem to be dead in the water. One of the most highly anticipated innovations as far as laptops are concerned where hybrid computers that would be able to function as tablets and laptops running Windows and Android.

The transformer book Duet from Asus/ © Asus

Asus was encouraged by Intel to create the Transformer Book Duet, a hybrid laptop and tablet that has the capabilities of switching between Microsoft’s Windows and Google’s Android. The device was something worth taking a look at and also something I would personally be interested in getting. It was also scheduled to go on sale in the United States sometime this month. Unfortunately though it seems as though those plans have been shelved due to hostility from Google and Microsoft towards the idea. This is according to reports from the Wall Street Journal.

Even before it was announced, Microsoft and Google had their sensitivities towards the idea. With the pressure mounting from both companies, Asus abandoned the idea according to a memo from the Wall Street Journal and they also plan on shelving the Dual OS devices they built last year.

Microsoft apparently has a new policy of not allowing dual-OS products. Microsoft itself doesn’t want devices to be able to support 2 operating systems and Google is also in on the idea. It seems as if the software giants are going to get their way this time and OEMs will just have to pick between Windows 8.1, Android, Windows RT and Chrome OS for their upcoming devices.

What do you make of Google and Android not allowing dual OS devices and do you think this is good in the long run? Please leave your comments below and we will get back to you.

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  • Sorin Apr 9, 2018 Link to comment

    The operating systems are quite different, and require extra precious resources, for which they do not know to what extent they deserve more money.

  • And besides you can't use both OS side by side. You'd have to restart to get into the other. If you're really desperate, just buy 2 devices. One with each OS.

  • I don't quite get why you would want 2 OSs on the same machine? All that does is use up more space and RAM. I have found I can do nearly everything on Android that I can do on Windows. Just not quite sure why you need both.

    • gaseki Mar 16, 2014 Link to comment

      How does it use up more RAM? As for abilities - have you tried playing pc games on your android device? Have you tried making music? Does your android device support DJ hardware? The thing was that the ASUS transformer has a detachable screen, right? So you could have an android tablet when you wanted or a windows laptop - all to suit your current needs.
      Besides, I often used dual boot on my PC! I would run a linux distro for general use (as it's less resource hungry and friendlier, at least for me) and then switch to windows for music making and gaming (although the gaming bit is shifting slowly towards linux, finaly)

  • its a bummer aint it. i was really looking forward to buying a laptop with Windows and Android on it

  • Ed E. Mar 14, 2014 Link to comment

    Well that really @/#/$ I would have gotten atlease one of the first ones off the line......Looks like I'll be seeing if they reconsider, they would make a mint for both companies.
    Come on Google and Microsoft just look at the boat load of money you would swimming in and don't you think you would help further both companies in the tech......besides Microsoft don't you think you need the money.

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