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Microsoft Launches Droid Rage Campaign

Microsoft Launches Droid Rage Campaign

Here’s something that might boil your blood fellow Android fans. Microsoft just launched a marketing campaign which targets Android. The kicker: they’re asking for disgruntled Android users to share their horror stories regarding malware.

Windows Phone Droid Rage Campaign Tweet

Seriously? Malware?

This is not the first time Microsoft has pulled this stunt. Right around the same time last year they launched a similar “Droid Rage” campaign to attract new customers to their Windows Phone platform. During the campaign, they called for the same thing; they wanted Android users to share their worst stories about their Android being infected with malware. Surprisingly, Microsoft had over 3,200 submissions. When you stop to think about it though, not many people would give up the opportunity to win a free phone, and that’s probably why the submission count was so high.

According to Microsoft, there is an exceptionally specific set of instructions to follow when dealing with an infected Android device:

  1. Wait for your Android phone to get infected with malware
  2. Recover from SMS scam bill shock
  3. Skip steps 1 & 2, buy a Windows Phone and connect with people you care about instead of some hacker plotting in a dank basement

That’s real classy Microsoft. To be fair, I’m sure this was probably all Balmer’s idea.

Twitter has exploded with Android fans exerting “Droid Rage,” although not necessarily the kind that Microsoft is looking for. You can bet your ass I’m headed there now to give Microsoft a piece of my mind, possibly even my fist.

Feel free to share your own “Droid Rage” horror stories below. If you have one, you might as well hit up @WindowsPhone on Twitter and weave your tale with the hashtag #DroidRage. You could win a new Windows Phone for your troubles, which is clearly impervious to dastardly malware (pure sarcasm folks)!

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  •   7
    Deactivated Account Dec 6, 2012 Link to comment

    I have quite some malware stories... about my Windows laptop.

  • I have no need to participate in the name calling @ Microsoft (even though their downfall started with the inception of Outlook Express) ... its no different then Android Users using an #AppleRage to encourage anyone to comment upon Apple's "file a patent lawsuit" strategy vs. bringing something innovative for consumers to purchase (which I encouraged, because Apple deserved it) ... about thee only thing Windows smart phones have advantage wise? Linking to xBox 360 for game content (but Sony Playstation 3 has that capability with Android Tablets / Smart Phones already) ....

    Watch E3 2013, I guarantee you are going to see more linking between Smart Phones & Tablets with Game Consoles (sharing thee same game & playing the same game) with all platforms ...

  • I don't have any android horror stories but I do have hundreds of windows horror stories to share with them if they want.HAHA. bot no seriously. like what 3200 people posted a horror storie. Like how much is that? something like between 0.1 and 0.01% of android users of the millions there are. Nice try Microsoft but go fix al your bugs and backdoors in your own OS before you come try and pull this sh*t off.

  • Seriously, this coming from microsoft who brought us windoze the most vulnerable os ever.

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