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Microsoft Successfully Bans ALL Motorola Android Devices In Germany
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Microsoft Successfully Bans ALL Motorola Android Devices In Germany


"Banned". That’s a word I’m starting to hear all too often here in Germany lately, and most of the time that I’m hearing it, there’s an Android OEM in the same sentence. Just 3 days ago, Apple successfully got the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.77 banned from all of Europe, making it the second Android tablet they have managed to ban. But this time Apple isn’t the culprit, as Microsoft has just successfully banned ALL Motorola devices from being sold in Germany.

ALL. As Florian Mueller from FOSSPatents points out, this is the 3rd victory that Microsoft has recently won against Google. The patent in question this time (EP 0618540) references long and short name file indexing. "FAT" has been around for a very long time and is regularly used in computers, but is also used in mobile devices as well.

In order to secure the injunction, Microsoft will firstly have to pay around 12.3 million dollars (yeah, there's a fee for securing an injunction), and once it’s paid, Motorola's Android devices will then come off the shelves of German stores. Microsoft is also entitled to damages, but an amount has not yet been decided on.

Motorola will naturally attempt an appeal to delay the ban, but if Microsoft is able to pay the 12.3 million before the appeal, Motorola’s products can still be removed from store shelves. Maybe it was Microsoft’s response to Motorola for getting the Xbox360 banned?

The odd thing about this is that Microsoft and Motorola fought over the same patent in the US, but the case was thrown out due to evidence presented by Linus Torvalds, the founder of Linux.

What makes this case a bit different in my eyes, is the fact that Microsoft has not only banned Motorola’s Android products in Germany, but Google's Android products, as Google now officially owns Motorola. Because of this, I would hope and expect to see an aggressive response from Google, because this time, it’s personal.

Google, you know what to do. And in case you don't, here's a hint:

Picture credits: www.lolbrary.com, joinnetworkmarketing.files.wordpress.com, and www.android-hilfe.de (merged and edited by myself)

Source: ZDnet


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  • Be sure to send me a link to your blog after covering that event! Sounds very interesting!

  • Both Microsoft & Apple have reason to panic ... when Google Fiber Optics is showcased @ the next Tech Convention here in Las Vegas? I will be writing an appropriate review (delivering telecommunication, wifi, broadband in a capacity neither Microsoft, or Apple has to offer right now means Google can sell its products to Consumers in a way neither of its competitor can - by guaranteeing the fasted broadband ever) ...

    Think of this as Beats Audio - only its not just a selling gimmick, its actual fast home based broadband (which eventually will find a way to be mobile) ...

  • I actually think that Google will become more aggressive due to the fact that Microsoft has gone after a company that Google now owns. I don't think much more motivation is needed than that, as it seems that Microsoft and Apple are trying to double team the Big G.

  • Oh I predict Google will become more aggressive after they're done testing the 1gig Wifi home access (called Google Fiber) that is going on in Kansas City, MO & Kansas City, KS ...

    Fiber Optic cables delivering faster connections then anything currently available for Satellite, or Cable (with different ways to receive home entertainment, as well as use your Android Smart Phone - or Tablet - to its maximum potential) ...

    There's even a home plan which offers you a free Nexus 7 tablet (which can be used as a remote control). Yes, I believe once this Google Fiber Optics reaches a level where it can be debuted for Consumer use over a larger area (North America & more) ... Google can afford to become more aggressive (imagine how much your gaming experience will change with connectivity @ 100 times faster) ...


  • Agreed CJ. But in all honesty, I'm really ready to see Google get aggressive. They have played Mr Nice Guy long enough!

  • It is unfortunate that German Smart Phone Consumers will have limited choices when it comes to wanting an Android Smart Phone from Motorola (unless a black market emerges & Cellular Service Providers in Germany accept these black market Android Smart Phones) ...

    With Google now owning Motorola, it would be in their best interest to work things out with Microsoft (these so called bans are annoying & not very consumer friendly) vs. cave into the demands of Apple (both Android & Microsoft should work towards competing against Apple, not with each other) .....

  • Apple and Microsoft aren't really ahead. This Motorola case is a big blow, but most of Apples and Motorola's wins have only made small temporary dents in Androids growth. By attacking Motorola directly this time, its a different ball game.

    I'm curious to see how this one pans out.

  • Apple is by far ahead in the court game. Sad it has all come to this though. They think that they came up with all these ideas and that they belong to them. Google, ms, apple and the likes need to be stripped of their powers. This should all belong to the people.

  • stick it to them Motorola !

  • Then after they deal with Microsoft they hunt down Apple!