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Mighty Grocery Shopping List

Mighty Grocery Shopping List

Don’t you just hate it when your wife sends you on shopping errands and you come back with all the wrong groceries? How can you remember what ingredients to buy for dinner if all you care about is throwing some meat on the grill and drinking some beers with your buddies? Whether you like it or not, it’s very difficult to keep track of what needs to be bought to keep the entire family happy.

That’s why people have been using shopping lists for as long as writing utensils have been around. From classical pre-modern pen and paper shopping lists to print outs from your computer – shopping lists have evolved along with humanity. Now they have finally arrived in Android app form. With the advent of online grocery shopping with speedy delivery, shopping lists could even become obsolete in the near future. In the meantime, apps like Mighty Grocery Shopping List can give us a helping hand in keeping our shopping trips short and efficient.

Find out if you can spare yourself another fight with members of your household with today’s test report.



Reviewed version Latest version
Full Beta 17 Full

Features & Use

Shopping Lists Save the Day

Mighty Grocery Shopping List allows you to create as many lists as you like. It’s also possible to create sub-lists inside of already existing lists. If you use the same exact list on a regular basis, you can add to your favorites.

Product Catalog and Search Function

Mighty Grocery Shopping List comes with an extensive product catalog. Products are subdivided into different categories that can be edited or expanded. Here you’ll find grocery sections ranging from Pharmacy (body lotion, cough drops, Band-Aids etc.) to – my favorite section in a supermarket – Electronics.
With the search button you can easily search through the entire product catalog to find a specific item.

Don’t Write It, Just Say It.

Google Voice Search is a real godsend and Mighty Grocery Shopping List makes full use of this amazing function. Thanks to the amazing voice recognition technology you can just dictate your shopping list out loud – and the app takes cares of the rest. Google may not be able to recognize complicated product names, but most everyday shopping items shouldn’t be a problem.

Scan Barcodes and Save Time

Products can be added to the list by scanning their barcode. Mighty Grocery Shopping List  just opens any external barcode reading app on your phone eg. Barcode Scanner. The quality of the results depends on the barcode program your using.

Cloud Synch

The app can synch your grocery list with their external server. This allows you to backup your lists and recover them if necessary. In future, there are plans to introduce an online platform for the app at mightygrocery.com. You should backup your data every 30 days at the latest because all backups get deleted from the cloud after 30 days.

Unfortunately, the constant synchronization really kills your battery life. Although you can adjust the update intervals, 10 minutes is the maximum interval available. By default the app synchs up with the cloud automatically every 30 seconds! Don’t see how that’s useful.

Fully Personalized Settings

The app allows you to make the perfect shopping list in every sense of the word. There are a ton of details that can be adjusted to make your shopping list just right. That’s not something offered by a lot of apps on the Market. GTasks (synchronized with Google Tasks) may also be “misused” as a shopping list, but it’s hardly up for the task. Apps such as Hungry! Shopping List, Shopping List, My Shopping list or Shopping List Plus are useful in helping with your groceries, but they are not nearly as extensive as Mighty Grocery Shopping List in terms of features. The apps that can provide any sort of real competition are: Smart Shopping List Lite, Out of Milk, or O I Shopping List.


  • Tons of features
  • Scan, speak, or type to find items
  • Manage multiple lists
  • Apps2SD


  • Only one design available
  • No widget

Bottom Line:

The Mighty Grocery Shopping List is really impressive. With tons of features and intuitive controls, the app deserves good scores in almost every area. The app takes a while to load for the first time, but this problem goes away once you open the app again. This type of Android app would work well with a widget, but the developers chose not to add one. For those of you unwilling to invest money into the app, the free version is definitely worth a look. Here you won’t have cloud synch, barcode scanning, cooking recipes and multiple tabs.


Screen & Controls

Looking Good

Mighty Grocery Shopping List makes a great impression in terms of design and layout. The blue jeans background may not be for everyone, but that’s the only design available. All in all – definitely a good end product.

Extensive, yet Manageable

All the complicated settings and adjustments do not make Mighty Grocery Shopping List any more difficult to use. The app’s amazing layout makes everything simple and intuitive


Speed & Stability

The app’s speed is kind of relative. It’s takes a while to load the app when you open it for the first time. That’s why the app can only get 4 stars here.

Mighty Grocery Shopping List performed reliably during our test without any crashes or glitches.


Price/Performance Ratio

Mighty Grocery Shopping List can be downloaded for ~$3.7 dollars from the AndroidPIT App Center. 

The lite version can be downloaded for free also from the App Center. 


Mighty Grocery Shopping List Mighty Grocery Shopping List Mighty Grocery Shopping List Mighty Grocery Shopping List

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