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Mini Motor Racing - Awesome Graphics!

You don't necessarily have to be a hardcore engine or Formula 1 fan to have a passion for racing games. This is because racing games, with their speed and action, are able to attract many types of video-gamers out there. Mini Motor Racing is certainly a good example.

To discover the various details about this game made for Android, take a look at our app test review.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.7.2 2.0.2

Features & Use

Mini Motor Racing's initial installing requires about 199 MB of data, so it's advised to use a stable WiFI connection and a device that doesn't lack a lot of internal memory. This is necessary because the game has rich graphics and a large number of race tracks.

Mini Motor Racing is where you drive on circuits in cities, deserts, dunes and jungles, against a whole array of opponents that you must to beat to the finish line. The main game mode is career mode, where you choose a vehicle with certain characteristics like tipped, steering ability etc. You can also customize it with your choice of color. Every time you win a race, you'll earn reward points that can be reinvested into new tires or doses of Nitro (speed) for your vehicle.

The player can use their car and take part in two different leagues; a third one can be unlocked later by spending $25,000 of play money. This currency can also be purchased via in-app purchasing with real money. Each competition consists of several tracks and when completed, you receive the reward for that circuit. You can also unlock different vehicles during the game, like a police car and even a Christmas sleigh.

There's another mode called Quick Race, which consists of a single race with one of the unlocked cars from playing the career mode. In multiplayer, you can play on the WiFi network with up to 4 people, which makes it impossible to play with friends via 3G when you are connected to different networks.

The circuits are the same in all of the modes. The majority are made of long paths and curves that driven around 3 or 4 times. There are numerous bonuses and power-ups that can be collected and these will increase your speed during the race.

Bottom Line

Mini Motor Racing is a racing game that differs from the classic games of this genre. The career mode is very addictive and the multiplayer mode allows you to challenge your friends to nose-to-nose and exciting races.

Screen & Controls

Mini Motor Racing finds its strongest points in its graphics. The controls seem complicated at first, but can be changed for a steering wheel visual on the screen. However, you're not able to steer the car by tilting the screen. The menu is designed in a very clear and functional way, that can call up and get rid of quickly when you need it.

Speed & Stability

Mini Motor Racing worked very well the entire time and has not stability issues. The game didn't lock unexpectedly and worked as expected.

Price/Performance Ratio

Mini Motor Racing can be bought for $1 in the Google Play Store. The price is justified by the game's great quality.


Mini Motor Racing - Awesome Graphics! Mini Motor Racing - Awesome Graphics! Mini Motor Racing - Awesome Graphics! Mini Motor Racing - Awesome Graphics!

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