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MixZing Media Player - Can it really do it all?

The app’s description sounds pretty sweet: bosting a whole bunch of features, it sounds like this might the app that can do it all... MP3, Tagger, Album Cover Grabber, Facebook-Connecter, Find out about what else it has to offer in today’s test review.


Reviewed version Latest version
2.4.0 Varies with device

Features & Use

MixZing—can it really do it all? Well, it can do a whole lot, that’s for sure. But in how far can you rely on it to safely guide you through your playlist jungle?

Well, with the help of MixZing you can view your musical collection in the following ways:

• Artists
• Albums
• Songs
• Genres
• Playlists
• Videos

Widgets in every shape, size, and color—every good app should have them. Not only does MixZing provide various widgets, it also offers a convenient Lockscreen Widget in the full version. The Lockscreen Widget enables you to switch up between tracks before the homescreen has even properly loaded. The widgets located on the homescreen are also pretty decent. All you have to do is select the one you want (large album cover, small album cover, only text).

Are you a fan? MixZing provides excellent scribblers for your playlists. In order to use this feature you do need the Scrobble Droid App, which you can find in the Market. Are you a Facebook addict? MixZing can automatically post your tracks… or can it? Well, I have to say that this particular feature didn’t work for me.

If there’s something Android can’t do, MixZing tries to do it anyway. You can even select a track in MP3 format from the context menu and set it as your ring tone.

The app can also grab missing album art as well as information about the track and the band/singer (images, biography, videos). So if you’ve been more or less meticulous when tagging your MP3 this is going to pay off at this point. In case the app doesn’t find additional information for you, you can start a search via Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, or Amazon MP3.

If you choose to go for the full version you’ll also receive a MP3 Tag Editor, with which I’m totally satisfied. It covers all the basics and even suggests words.

Recommend some superCoolMusicI'veNeverHeardBefore! MixZing scans all the tracks you’ve saved on your Android and then makes recommendations based on the songs you’ve listened to most often. I tested this feature and was really surprised to discover a few new acts which I quite like!

Bottom line:
I definitely wasn’t disappointed by MixZing Media Player. I’m using MediaMonkey on my desktop to try and keep on top of my music collection. MixZing has become a great alternative for when I’m on the go—and it even tops my desktop app with the video feature (which MediaMonkey doesn’t provide). But is there anything missing? I would say yes: it isn’t possible to rate tracks yourself (using ID3-Tag).

Screen & Controls

The design is phenomenal and the widgets look great on any homescreen, no matter whether you opt for the big, small or text one. Slick’n’nice!

The fact that you can use controls via widgets or lockscreen makes skipping tracks really easy and hassle-free. You can also install a checkbox for "Enable Headset Controls - Use bluetooth and wired headset controls witz MixZing" via Settings. I don’t have a headset so I couldn’t test this feature—leave a comment below if you’ve tried this out!

Speed & Stability

No bumbs, no jolts, no hangers, no crashes!

Price/Performance Ratio

You can download MixZing for free from the Android Market.

If you do want to use features from the full version – such as the lockscreen – you’ll have to the $6,99 for the upgrade.



MixZing Media Player - Can it really do it all? MixZing Media Player - Can it really do it all? MixZing Media Player - Can it really do it all? MixZing Media Player - Can it really do it all? MixZing Media Player - Can it really do it all?

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