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Looking for a good substitute for one of the greatest games of all time? Super Mario fans worldwide be warned, the little mustached Italian has now made it to the Android Market!

This test report was written by Paulina Gegenheimer, a high school student. 


Reviewed version Latest version
1.2 2.25

Features & Use

You run through a virtual world made of different platforms while collecting coins, avoiding or destroying enemies (in the shape of turtles and other little animals) and trying to trying to make through to the end without losing a single life. Mobile Andrio may be nothing new, but this classical jump and run game just never gets old. I enjoy this game because I like having the opportunity to play old-school games directly on my phone.

Screen & Controls

Mobile Andrio keeps to the original brightly-colored design of Super Mario and gives off a very good impression.

The controls are really simple: A main menu containing a play and help button appears when you start up the game. 

By pressing the menu button you can adjust the following:

  • Customize your touch screen controls
  • Assign keys for specific controls
  • Turn the sound on/off
  • Access the high scores
  • Pause the game while playing

All in all, a cute little game for killing time.

Speed & Stability

During my test I didn’t experience any problems with the application’s stability.

As far as game speed is concerned, I was very disappointed. In many instance the game was totally irresponsive to my actions. I lost many a life because of problems with lags and delayed response time. What a let down!

Price/Performance Ratio

Mobile Andrio (Free) can be downloaded at no cost from the Market. There is also a full version available for 1.49 euros 




Mobile Andrio Mobile Andrio Mobile Andrio Mobile Andrio

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