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Mobile Metronome -- Rhythm Is It!

If you've ever played in a band or orchestra, you'll know how painful it can be when one of your fellow musician's is not finding the beat—after all, music is all about rhythm and harmony. If someone is not innately rhythmical, a metronome might be just what the doctor ordered. Let's find out whether Mobile Metronome makes an adequate replacement for a 'real' metronome. 

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Reviewed version Latest version
1.2.4 1.2.4F

Features & Use

Test device: LG Optimus Black
Android version: 2.3.4
Root: No
Modifications: None

Mobile Metronome is about 0,7 MB after you've installed it. It's a good app to use when you're out and about or even when you're at home and don't happen to have a metronome handy.

There are three different settings for the tempo: use the + and – button to set a rhythm, the adjustment bar or by 'tapping' a tempo. The latter is especially useful if you're trying to figure the rhythm of a specific track; what you do is tap along to a track's beat (pressing on the appropriate button) and the tempo is the app then figures out and displays the tempo.

2/4 – 19/8 rhythms are available—a very good selection.

The metronome itself also has a variety of different sounds that you can choose from, ranging from electro beats to a cow's bell.

A very cool feature: settings can be saved, meaning you can access presets at any time which – in my experience – can prove to be very useful indeed.

A pay-for version of the app is also available, and while it comes with a few more options it isn't quite as user friendly as the free version we've tested for you today. This is due to the app needing to access the internet to check the license every time you start it up. So, as you can imagine this isn't ideal if you're jamming in a basement or rehearsal space with no reception.

Bottom line:

Mobile Metronome is a simple, easy to use metronome for when you're on the go. It delivers everything you might want or need a metronome app to do and is definitely a viable 'real' metronome replacement.

Screen & Controls

 Mobile Metronome is set up very logically which makes it easy to use. Control elements can be found on the main screen and the ad banners near the bottom of the display don't prove to be much of a bother.

Speed & Stability

 Mobile Metronome runs very smoothly and – shall we say – rhythmically. No lagging or crashing.

Price/Performance Ratio

Mobile Metronome is available for free from the Play Store and ads are featured. A pay-for (and hence ad free) version is available for EUR 1,17.


Mobile Metronome -- Rhythm Is It! Mobile Metronome -- Rhythm Is It! Mobile Metronome -- Rhythm Is It! Mobile Metronome -- Rhythm Is It!

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