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Gameloft Teases Impressive Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Trailer


If you are a fan of first person shooters, you might want to check out these screenshots (and video) of Gameloft's upcoming Modern Combat 4. I haven’t finished playing Modern Combat 3 yet, but I can tell you from experience that this series represents FPS for Android at its very finest.

This brief developer diary video tells a bit about the games development, and teases a lot of in game footage. I can already tell after watching this video that I’ll be shelling out whatever amount of bank that Gameloft wants for Modern Combat 4. Here are a few more screenshots of this very impressive looking shooter:

We don’t have a release date for the game yet, or any info on which devices it will run on, but Gameloft has promised another video soon that discusses more on multiplayer. Here is a short (but pretty freakin sweet) video of Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour in action (external link here (watch in best HD quality if possible!):

The FPS shooter will be released for Android devices, iPhones, and the iPad.

Source: Gameloft


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  • @Eric it's mind boggling to think about how fast technology advances lately..

  • @Patrick - It really is moving fast. I also think that mobile gaming can usher in a new era, as some games made for phones and tablets really work sooooooo well.

    @Anna - LOL! So true! I used to love playing freakin Pitfall for the atari...if you look at jump and run games now, its just nuts to see how far they've came.

  • When I was little I was playing snake on an old Nokia phone and I was thinking "How awesome is this?! I can CONTROL the snake and it gets BIGGER when it eats apples!!!". I feel so silly now. XD

  • Mobile gaming tech has really gone a long way. I had to do a double take to make sure that it was not a console or pc game on the screenies. IMHO, for some games at least, tablets and phones are better for controls, the touch screem, gyro and accelometer takes gaming controls to another level. Too bad the Wii was hampered by sub standard specs and cutesy games.

  • Agreed! :)

  • great game ♥