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MONOPOLY – What does the future hold for board games?

MONOPOLY – What does the future hold for board games?

Everyone has played MONOPOLY at least once in their lives, right? And if you've never played it, you've at least heard of it.

The classic family favourite is now available for Android as a 3D game.

Our question is: does it even make sense to transform this type of board game into an app for smartphones and tablets? And if the answer to that questions is yes, what does the future hold for hard copy board games? You'll find the answer to the first question at least in today's review.



Reviewed version Latest version
0.0.40 ?

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100)
Android version: 2.3.6
Root: No
As of version: 2.0

Like we said, everyone is probably familiar with MONOPOLY to a certain degree. Just in case you haven't heard of this, here's the gameplay in a nutshell (MONOPOLY players can skip the following paragraph):

Four players strive for fortune in this classic game. By taking turns to throw the dice the players move around the board and in doing so have the option to purchase train stations, streets and water works. Houses or hotels can then be built on the surface area that has been purchased. Whenever one of your opponents lands on one of your properties, you can charge them rent; the cash can then be used to expand your empire.

As is the case with many board games, dumb good luck plays a big role in how well or badly you will do in a given game. Add in a good dose of haggling and bargaining and the element of surprise (thanks to the cards that can be drawn) and the result is a pretty fun board game.

We are rather impressed with how the game has been adapted for Android. The 3D graphics are superb and the app runs as smooth as a hot knife through butter.
The results for tossing the dice are totally random and overall the app seems to run very well.
Up to four players can have a go against each other, or else you can try your luck against the computer—but this is where we have a bone of contention with MONOPOLY. There are three difficulty levels, but we are not very happy with them: the first two don't present enough of a challenge and the third is tough as nails. Every time we attempted the third level the virtual opponent always managed to toss the dice in their favour. We love going up against savvy AI, but scoring the right dice throw isn't quite the same.

On the whole, though, we are rather pleased with this new version of the old family favourite.


Screen & Controls

Throwing the dice feels authentic enough, and while the app's controls suit the game well enough, we're not crazy about how the MONOPOLY is operated.

Before we start whinging too much, though, we're happy to report that the whole thing is set up nicely and it's easy to keep an eye on your real estate situation.

Speed & Stability

MONOPOLY performed very nicely throughout our test runs. The graphics are great and rund very smoothly and the app didn't crash once.


Price/Performance Ratio

MONOPOLY costs EUR 3,99 and can be found in the Play Store. For this price the user gets the full version of the original game which has adapted for Android very nicely.

That said, we can't help but feel that almost 4 Euro is quite a steep price, which is only justified by the app's quality and the fact the MONOPOLY is the type of game you can play for longer stretches of time, as well as pick up again and again.



MONOPOLY – What does the future hold for board games? MONOPOLY – What does the future hold for board games?

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  • Great. Thanks.

  •   17
    Deactivated Account May 4, 2012 Link to comment

    @RMD-CG: Great feedback, thanks so much for popping in and sharing your thoughts. I was often frustrated by the all-too-lucky dice throws when the AI was up, but good to hear that some users found this to be an additional challenge.

  • Because of the variability of the dice, the game is entertaining. And yes the first two levels are weak, but they do help to with the third, but the third is not "tough as nails," I beat it on level three with 4 opponents over 96% of the time, more recently closer to 98%, sometimes overcoming big mistakes. The AI needs serious improvement, it's valuations for trading make it weak, the trading procedures are flawed, and there should be play limitations to make it more challenging. While the game runs well on my tablet (HP Touchpad), it is constantly freezing on my Galaxy S--very frustrating. On he other hand, while I have been victim many times to the perfect roll by my opponent, I have also benefitted from many too; so I do not believe the dice are rigged as so many seem to claim. If anything the game's flaws allow the human to cheat the AI. But as I said it's still entertaining.

  •   17
    Deactivated Account Apr 29, 2012 Link to comment

    @chas mallow: I don't understand what you mean...? Have you subscribed to AndroidPIT updates?

  • please quit sending me these blogs!

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