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Monster Warlord: battling at its best!

Monster Warlord: battling at its best!

Epic battles with monsters that you've skillfully captured, is a recipe for success, which has been adopted by many other existing games.

Monster Warlord gives you the great opportunity to experience the fun online! You'll find out what this game has to offer by reading our app test review!


Reviewed version Latest version
1.1.3 4.6.0

Features & Use

Authorization Summary

Monster Warlord's authority showed no abnormalities, even within the ''your personal information'' section. I couldn't find any functions within the game, which asked for access to contact information.

At some point in time, the human race was made of hunters and gatherers. Perhaps this is the reason why games of this genre are so successful. Monster Warlord is also structured around this concept. The game entails completing quests, capturing, or rather buying monsters and unlocking gruesome battles, which assists in the expansion of your monster collection. The beasts are divided into the four elements: fire, water, air and earth. During the various quests and fights, you gain money, which you use in turn for buying monsters and hybrids. The latter is where you combine two monsters, giving you the opportunity to create a new and stronger creature.

One group can be made of six monsters and the game will automatically select the strongest. This process requires a certain amount of energy, which you can adjust yourself. It will automatically be reloaded over a certain period of time. Other status levels that you can regulate are attack, defend, health and endurance. The first three categories (attack, defend and health) are deciding factors when fighting other players. Endurance is what determines how often you can attack your opponent. This is especially important for battles against bosses. Bosses can either be summoned or you can join a fight, which another group member has started. Group members are able to place players on a list and choose who they would like to have at their sides during a battle. This provides a good opportunity to ask stronger players for help. But let's get back to the boss battles: once a boss has been summoned, a player usually needs to fight him for a longer period of time. The first boss needed 24 hours to be defeated. The endurance level is what was really restrictive, because you could only attack for a short time, before needing to wait for the endurance bar to reload. On top of the normal bosses, there's a world boss. Here you can join in with thousands of other players and try to win. There is one thing worth mentioning when fighting a boss: the more players that join in means the less chances of getting a reward. However, it's recommendable to fight bosses in a group, so that it's easier and quicker.

Battles between players, on the other hand, are quite easy. You choose a player from a list, which shows opponents with comparable strength. Then the values of the players and the monsters are measured, which afterwards decrees the fight. Unfortunately, the fights are very passive. You're not able to actively choose your skills. The fights are solely adjudicated in terms of your individual values. This is more reminiscent of pen and paper roll-playing than of a monster battle Pokémon-style. To top it all off, you need to regularly replenish your health, because you're constantly being attacked by other players. The money used for healing is taken from your virtual account, where you can deposit your winnings. By doing this, your money can no longer be scavenged by other players, who try to reap it as rewards during battles. That is why there is a 20% interest rate, which is deducted when you deposit your money. The game notifies you of requests to attack with a push notification, even when the app isn't open.

In general, this game is influenced not by the gaming events, but rather by your personal character ''values''. Even quests don't offer any interactive activities, which you actually have a hand in completing. Every player needs to decide on their own whether they like it or not. Ambition is a key factor in collecting more monsters and becoming better in the game.

Bottom Line:

Monster Warlord is a well-made game for anyone who likes collecting and conducting battles.

Screen & Controls

Monster Warlord appears quite confusing at first glance. However, you will be able to navigate within the game problem-free after a short period of time and easily understand the game's functions. The design is very vibrant, which goes well with the game and doesn’t look too shabby!

Speed & Stability

When using the multiplayer component in Monster Warlord, you will of course need internet connection, though the data stream is very minor and doesn't milk your monthly volume. The app ran smoothly and was very stable. There was only one time it couldn't connect. Other than that, it revealed not problems.  

Price/Performance Ratio

Monster Warlord is a free and is found in the AndroidPIT App Center, as well as in the Google Play store. Just like most other similar games, you can facilitate your game-playing considerably through in-app purchasing. This wasn't very clear with Monster Warlord, since there weren't many different currencies. The casual player on the other hand doesn't necessary need to spend money. On the other hand, if you are very ambitious, you can invest a lot in this game. That being said, without actually having real money, you might find it hard to have fun.


Monster Warlord: battling at its best! Monster Warlord: battling at its best! Monster Warlord: battling at its best! Monster Warlord: battling at its best! Monster Warlord: battling at its best!

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