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Moon+ Reader Pro (50% Off) – Bookworms take notice!

Moon+ Reader Pro (50% Off) – Bookworms take notice!

eBooks are all the rage and it isn't hard to see why: They're cheaper, easier to carry around, they weigh practically nothing and help save the rainforest (well, in a small way).

So why not start reading eBooks on your smartphone or tablet? Most users will have (one of) those two devices on them at all time, so why not make the most of them?

Moon+ Reader Pro (50% Off) manages your eBooks and comes with dozens of different viewing modes to help make the reading experience as comfortable as possible.

Find out more about our app of the week in the review below.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.9.1 Varies with device

Features & Use

Tested on: 

Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4.2.2

Once you've started Moon+ Reader Pro (50% Off) you will see the landing screen that displays all of the books you were reading last. The four main features are also anchored here. These are:

  • Local files: Open any file saved locally to your device on in your dropbox. Supported formats: epub, pdf, mobi, chm, cbr, cbz, umd, fb2, txt, html, rar, zip und OPDS.
  • Net library: As the name indicates, this is a repertoire of internet sites that contain free eBooks for download. Browse and pick new books and set up your own catalogue.
  • My bookshelf: All books are displayed here, optionally according to favourites, downloads, authors... Different view modes are available, including lists and covers. A great means for having a good overview of your literary collection.
  • Statistics: Stats related to reading times and page numbers are shown here, according to book if you so wish.

So much for the main overview, so onto the most important function of all: reading books! Open an eBook and you will land—you guessed it: on the first page. Full screen mode of white background and black font is the standard setting. Additional infos (battery stats, time, title, percentage of book read and page number) are listed on the side.

More settings are available should you wish to change all/any of this. Hit the device's menu button or the middle of the display. Don't stray too far from the middle, otherwise you'll turn a page instead.

This configuration view reveals a bar that pops up above and below every text. The upper one can be used to access detailed informations related to the book and use it as a link to the main screen, or add it to favourites. A search feature is also available. The bottom bar lists seven icons:

  • Rotation: Turn the display manually so as to read in landscape mode.
  • Theme: Day and night themes are available (i.e. black or white background), as well as 22 other designs.
  • Text to speech: As the name indicates, this option is for having your Android read to you. Doesn't work particularly well – as per usual with this feature – but then the app makes no claims to be an audio book app.
  • Auto scroll: Another nice feature. Makes it easy to read and turn pages. The speed can be adjusted, as can gestures.
  • Bookmarks: Set up bookmarks and access them from anywhere within the app, even when reading another book.
  • Chapter: Access chapters directly
  • Settings/Options: The most comprehensive Moon Reader feature. Lots of options to peruse through here:

View settings: Change the colour, font size, spacing, borders, animations...

Control settings: Configure the screen orientation, gestures, keys...

Misc.: Further options for view modes, gestures, brightness, font size, text formatting, special formats, reminders, special options (password protection, multitouch, positioning sync related to Dropbox)

Bottom line:

Moon+ Reader Pro (50% Off) has a ton of options and settings, making it a rather personalised and optimised reading experience. In fact, there are so many features that we can't go into detail about everything here. Our recommendation would be for you to check out the free version of this app and see if it's a good fit overall. If you like it, go ahead and get the full version.

The full version has quite a few advantages over the free version. For instance, it supports comments, has a night mode, two page view mode (good for tablets), it's autoscroll compatible, speech output, reading stats, optional animations, syncing and more.

As our app of the week, Moon+ Reader Pro (50% Off) is available at a special reduced price and a clear recommendation for all book lovers out there!

Screen & Controls

Tons of functions mean that there's an initial getting-to-know-you phase during which you have to find your bearings. The help feature comes in handy, too. Once you've gotten the hang of things, Moon+ Reader Pro (50% Off) is your oyster.

The app's design is nice, making it easy enough to use.

Speed & Stability

Moon+ Reader Pro (50% Off) performs well both in terms of speed and stability. There's no waiting around unless you're dealing with a sizeable PDF file. The app didn't crash or freeze at all.


Price/Performance Ratio

Moon+ Reader Pro (50% Off) is available for only €0.99 until 3 March—that's quite a deal considering that it usually goes for €3.70. Bookworms rejoice!


Moon+ Reader Pro (50% Off) – Bookworms take notice! Moon+ Reader Pro (50% Off) – Bookworms take notice! Moon+ Reader Pro (50% Off) – Bookworms take notice! Moon+ Reader Pro (50% Off) – Bookworms take notice! Moon+ Reader Pro (50% Off) – Bookworms take notice!

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  • Long time customer using on Nook HD with N2A Kitkat. I have never had any problems with MRP until the update to 'Multi-Select' was pushed through. Following that update, any new books I load are missing their covers on My Shelf and Most Recently Read. When the book is opened, it still has the cover. There are no PNG files being saved for these missing covers. Edit Book Information and Select Cover no longer works. It just doesn't take effect. It is difficult to get selected book to release. I also no longer have the blue scroll mark available for use in Shelf Type - By Author. I encourage everyone who is having any of these same issues, to post a review and maybe these problems will be fixed. I will continue to use this app because it is the best available, but these new problems have had me now looking at any new competition. Please fix these issues because your five star app has become a two.