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More HTC Devices Get PlayStation Certification

Authored by: Edwin Kee — Dec 11, 2012

The official page over at the PlayStation Mobile site might not show it, but we have reliable sources pointing out that additional HTC devices will be on the receiving end of PlayStation Certification to join the HTC One S, HTC One V, and HTC One X as PlayStation Certified devices. I guess gaming on three more HTC devices will offer more than the usual fare soon, no?


Basically, for an Android-powered smartphone to receive the PlayStation Certification would mean that said device is capable of accessing PlayStation’s exclusive Android content, in addition to playing PlayStation games. The original Sony Xperia Play was the first device to receive PlayStation certification (that goes without saying), and HTC too wanted to jump aboard the bandwagon.

It seems that another three of HTC’s top tier devices will also be on the receiving end of PlayStation Certification, where they are the HTC One XL, the HTC One X+, and the extremely popular HTC EVO 4G LTE that is making waves over at Sprint.

Basically, with PlayStation Certification, one is able to play exclusive PlayStation games from Sony’s PlayStation Mobile store. There are not too many games available over at Sony’s PlayStation Mobile store to date, although the final figure seems to be growing slowly but surely.

We guess the HTC One XL, the HTC One X+, and the HTC EVO 4G LTE will soon make its way to Sony’s compatibility list in due time. Still, gaming on your smartphone is not the best way to get entertained on the go with quality titles, as a PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS would more or less do a far better and more efficient job.

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Source: Phone Arena

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