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More Than 50% of All Handsets Will Be Smartphones in 2013

More Than 50% of All Handsets Will Be Smartphones in 2013

If your parents have recently been hounding you for information about all those "Apple HTC Droid phones," it's to be expected. Smartphones have become increasingly attractive to all demographics, even that pesky baby boomer one. According to industry analysis firm IHS iSuppli (cool use of cap locks, bros), smartphones have become so wildly popular to so many people that they will account for 54% of the global cellphone market next year. 

This will mark the first time that Androids, iPhones and Windows phones represent the majority of manufactured phones, rather than those boring loser "feature" phones by that Finnish company nobody seems to care about anymore.

Unsurprisingly, lower prices are fueling all of this growth. Smartphones have become so cheap that carriers are practically giving them away – like T-Mobile, which is now offering a low-end Android phone, the ZTE Concord, for the ridiculous price of $100, without contract. Sure, it's only got a 2MP camera, but that price is bananas. IHS Suppli thinks that the worldwide trends are the same:

“Over the past 12 months, smartphones have fallen in price, and a wider variety of models have become available, spurring sales of both low-end smartphones in regions like Asia-Pacific, as well as midrange to high-end phones in the United States and Europe."

Meanwhile, my Dad just asked me for a phone "that comes with a typewriter" (I think he meant keyboard). *Sigh* Soon the entire family is going to be on Whats App during dinner. 

...can't wait.

Source: Ars Technica

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  • Remember the saying "There are Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics"? So, let's look at the heading of this article. First, what is a "smart phone"? Need to know that to see where your definition line is. Next "More Than 50% of All Handsets" ... what does that mean? I use a basic Android (HTC Wildfire -- I have a Tab 10.1 too) and I have in a drawer three more of what I suspect are "smartphones" but they are not used (well, the Nokia N85 is now used as an awesome portable media device). Yes, I am a hoarder, a keeper of "old" phones. Still love my Nokia 7110 "Matrix" phone though (yes, I know it is not really the Matrix phone; I believe that it qualifies as a "smart" phone"?). Does 50% count these phones, the ones n drawers? And the final killer, as always such statistics forget that 80% (I'm guesstimating) of phone users live outside of USA and "the civilised world". I have lived and worked in Africa, Asia, and now Afghanistan, and promise you that perhaps a maximum of 1 in 50 (more guesstimation) phones are smart (oh, and not everybody has phones). There the goal is that a phone is cheap, works, and resists dirt, dust, and donkeys (whatever happened to the Motorola F3 - had one of those until it got stolen). Oh, and no matter how "smaert" a phone is if -- as in Ethiopia, a country I know -- by far the majority of people are nowhere near internet connections of any kind, so cleverness in a phone is irrelevant other than it kills your battery. So, dear users of statistics to create sensationalist journalism, please repeat other people's numbers with care unless you wish to cause confusion as well as doubt in journalist quality. Mind you, it always gives me a laugh to see numbers used this way - goes to show how gullible and uninformed we really all are. "Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics" -- Repeat it after me ...

  • Yeah, I agree Patrick. I wouldn't mind using, say, Facebook to chat with friends that I see everyday at school anyway but not friends I only see at summertime for example.

  • Well, I agree. Voice and video calls are a lot better, although sometimes it is that status update or tweet that triggers the call. I think SNS is fine, as long as it is not your primary method of communication. Facebook and twitter are great to broadcast an event which would be time consuming to make calls and meet ups to announce. When i see an important update, like a friend expecting a child or passing the bar exams, they can be sure to they'll get a call from me. :)

    Although I understand how it can be a bit awkward getting a call from someone you havent seen in a long time. After the first few moments of excitement, you kinda run out of things to say. Haha

  • It's better to be a little awkward over the phone a few times, than being awkward in person. When the only contact you have with a specific person is through text in a computer screen, you get used to communicating with them that way and it's like you don't even know them when you are together. Now, Skype is a different topic all together =P

  • I like Facebook because I tend to be a bit awkward over the phone....

  • @Patrick R. That's why I don't have a FaceBook account. I think that using IM clients and websites instead of calling someone, slowly ruins the relationship. Like, when you only communicate with a friend who lives far away through emails, it's really awkward when you finally meet again. But if you call each other instead of sending emails, you hear the other person's voice and that way you actually stay in touch.

  • Ti Mo Aug 30, 2012 Link to comment

    Hahahahahaha can't wait to go to ifa with you guys :D

  • EA, that's AMAZING.

    Patrick, I agree. You should see what it's like when the employees at AndroidPIT go to lunch together! You've probably never seen such anti-social tech nerds. But we still get along, usually...

  • Phone with a typewritter... classic.

    Your article pointed out the price of being or staying connected. It tends to disconnect us from the people right in front of us. How many times do we email, text, facebook, tweet, whats app, viber and end up ignoring or having a distracted conversation with the person who we are physically with. Sad but true.

  • my dad is still looking for a phone that has a built in transistor radio so that he would be able to press it hard against his ear and shout "shhhhh, shhhh!" to everyone around

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