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Shocking poll: many users careless about Android security
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Shocking poll: many users careless about Android security

We’ve been talking a lot about security recently, whether antivirus software is necessary for Android, and what app permissions really mean. But security risks don’t just happen within the software, when you are seen walking around with an expensive smartphone you can become a potential target for theft. With this in mind, we asked users how they secure their Android device, and here is what we learned...

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Of course, "fingerprint scanner", "face unlock" and "knock code" were at the bottom. Knock code has been popularised by the recent release of the LG G3, but it’s yet to become widely adopted, and fingerprint scanners seen on the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s are perhaps viewed as too gimmicky. Some users say they change their unlock code/method often, which probably makes sense more for online passwords than smartphone unlocks, but I still think it’s good practice.

Here is the full results table:

androidpit poll results
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The highest scoring answer on our Android security survey, with a surprising 38% of the votes, was that users DON’T protect their smartphone at all, affording anybody easy access to their private data. If this is true, or representative of the wider demographic, then it’s a very worrying statistic. Your unlock code is the one defense standing between you and identity theft. In the event that someone does take your smartphone, not only will you have lost your expensive and precious handset, but somebody will be able to access and potentially abuse your pictures, videos, messages, and personal files. Not just that, but some apps (like the Amazon app) provide you with the option of saving your payment details to make transactions quicker. People could order anything they wanted from online stores providing you have the money in your account to pay for it, and by time you cancel your cards it may be too late.

It’s sometimes easy to forget, when we are surrounded by so many of them, how important each and every smartphone is. If you aren’t smart enough to keep it out of reach of potential thieves (though I hope you are!), at least be smart enough to put a security lock on it.

What do you think of these results? Do you think security locks are necessary?


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  • One problem is that if you would have apps accessible from the Lockscreen, Dash clock or Samsung's small app window for example, you can not use a pin or pattern unlock code.

  • I live in a small town so I'm very unlikely to get robbed :D

  • classic

  • you wouldnt use a Windows PC without security so why should an Android device be any different ?

    not being funny but most people are mugs then. i suspect that its more of a case of peoples ignorance about something that they dont fully understand or laziness (or both)

  • I just explained this to my mother-in-law yesterday, as she just bought her first smartphone. Security is, in most cases, necessary. However, I explained to her that in her case possibly not so (...dringend :-\ ) super-important. She doesn't whip out her phone in restaurants, where she might be inclined to leave it on the table when she goes to the bathroom. She doesn't ride public transportation. She doesn't walk down dark alleys...She lives in the country, and will be at home 99% of the time she uses it. But I did caution her, about PayPal, email, bank account info, and Amazon...
    I think this boils down to laziness. people are given the option of 'swipe to unlock' and think that they are invulnerable to mistake...besides that, they save a potential 3 seconds by bypassing a security pin.
    Personally, I use a pin. But to be honest, the only time I even consider changing it is when I tell my wife my unlock code...But she always forgets it immediately anyway and I've got nothing to hide from her.
    my 2¢

  • Lalit
    • Admin
    Jul 29, 2014 Link to comment

    Ouch that hurts its looks like people doesnt care about their smartdevices any wayd i don't fall under the 38% category i am having a pin lock set over my device ! :) but yeah that is shocking i mean what if they lost their device and i found it put my sim card and easily use it, access the perasonal folders of the owner ..... good for me but horrifying for the device owner just because no security is set up ! :(