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Moto G (2015) tips and tricks

The Moto G (3rd Gen) hasn't quite lived up to the reputation of its predecessor, the excellent 2014 Moto G. But if you were an early buyer and have been a little disappointed with your purchase, fear not. There are ways to maximise the performance of your new phone – just follow these tips and tricks to get the most out of your Moto G (2015).

Moto G (2015): How to extend battery life

For the third generation of the Moto G, Motorola increased the battery capacity from 2,070 maH to 2,470, which should, theoretically, have extended how long the phone could last per charge. Unfortunately the accompanying Moto-Info feature, which keeps the display almost continuously activated, is a constant drain on the battery, negating the increased size. 

Luckily there are several ways to conserve energy, which apply to all smartphones, and you can read them all at the link below.

AndroidPIT Moto G 2014 battery saver
There are several ways to the preserve battery of your Moto G (2015). / © ANDROIDPIT

Moto G (2015): Disable the apps and features you don't use

Motorola has traditionally been pretty good when it comes to bloatware, so there generally isn't too muuch housekeeping to be done on a new device. But over time most people will find that one app or another is constantly nibbling away at the battery, and it's worth considering removing them.

Facebook is often the biggest culprit here, so you could uninstall the app and log in through the website or via Facebook Lite instead. Another app to strongly consider disabling is the aforementioned Moto-Info feature.

Moto G (2015): Use the power saving mode

Motorola employs just one power saving mode on the Moto G (3rd Gen) but it can make a significant difference. When activated, the power saving mode marginally slows the processor and forces the display to move into idle mode sooner. Location services are also disabled, there are fewer vibration alerts, and background activities (such as the synchronization of emails) are limited.  

Moto G (2015): Optimize the display

Smartphones have been able to adjust to ambient light for some time now but installing the Lux app will put you in control of the changes. With Lux, brightness, contrast and color temperature can be controlled manually, which is especially useful for when you don't want a blinding white light in the bedroom late at night.

androidpit lux lite app ten
Lux puts you in charge and can be particularly useful at night./ © ANDROIDPIT

The extra control can certainly improve the user experience, so give it a whirl.

Moto G (2015): transfer your contacts, messages and images

Motorola Migrate has proved to be one of the manufacturer's most useful apps, making it possible to transfer contacts, messages, pictures and music from an old Android smartphone onto the Moto G (2015). 

In order to use it, you need Migrate downloaded on both phones. First open the app in the new device and select 'Transfer data to this device'. Then, in the old device, select 'Send data from this device'. Both phones must be logged on to the same Wi-Fi network to complete the migration.

Moto G (2015): Start the camera with a gesture

Sometimes you need to start your camera up right away in order to catch that perfect action shot, and at those times, unlocking the phone, finding the app and starting it up just takes too long. Luckily Motorola has a solution. With the Moto App, you can open the camera with just two quick rotations of the device. The feature isn't automatically activated but you can switch it on in settings.

moto g moto e cam sidebar
You can set the camera on the Moto G (2015) to activate with just a hand movement. / © AndroidPIT

Moto G (2015): Start the flashlight with a gesture 

You can also use a gesture to start the Moto G (2015)'s flashlight – this can be done with just two quick shakes of the phone. Again, it's not auto-activated, but can be switched on in settings.

Do you know any tricks for the Moto G (2015) that we've missed? Let us know in the comments.



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  • Ryan 4 months ago Link to comment

    Overall I like this phone but only paid $60 for it. Had I spent more I wouldn't like it as much. The biggest problem is the bloatware and you can't move apps to the micro sd card. You can load maybe 7-10 apps and then you're out of memory. It is a rugged phone and pretty fast. Good for basic phone, texting, email and Internet browsing.

  • Buen articulo.. jaja , diran que este se perdio de pagina

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