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Android L confirmed for Moto X in surprising comment

Well this is fun. Motorola has seemingly confirmed that Android L will arrive to the Moto X in a comment made by its Vice President of Product Management, Punit Soni, in a candid Google+ exchange. Once again Motorola shows some love for the little people.

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Relatively unknown Josh B asked an innocent question, “Moto X is still going to get Android L (5.0) right?” to which he received several speculative replies, before Soni left a simple comment saying “Yup”. The following replies were those of surprise and excitement, both at Soni's apparent interest in the topic, and the confirmation that Motorola’s popular flagship will receive the latest version of Android, featuring Material Design in all of its glory.

sino google plus
Josh B must have been pretty excited when Punit Soni sent him a reply. © Google+

This is one of the best announcements I’ve seen from a manufacturer in recent years, or at least the most fun, and it was a great gesture from someone at the top for a common Motorola fan. Speculation has been mounting recently around Motorola’s Moto X successor, the Moto X+1, which is expected to be released this month. Check out our Motorola X+1 rumors article to find out all the latest news.

Are you happy to hear Android L is coming to the Moto X?

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