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Be Afraid, Apple: Motorola and Intel Unveil Their 1st Device Next Week
Motorola Hardware 3 min read 7 comments

Be Afraid, Apple: Motorola and Intel Unveil Their 1st Device Next Week

Next Tuesday, Motorola says they're going to be leading us to "the edge." Together with Intel, Motorola plans on unveiling a new smartphone in London – and it's already clear we are going to see something revolutionary.

A short teaser makes us ever hungry for more: in a rapid montage, we are treated to a lots of high-octane video clips and big promises. Motorola promises "edge to edge speed," "edge to edge power," uging us to "say goodbye to boundaries." But the real treat comes at the end of the commercial, when we see Motorola's logo appear beside that of Intel. Intel inside Android! 

Intel is one of the largest and most powerful chip manufacturers in the world, and has dominated the PC market for years. But the mobile trend in recent years have seen the company's slow fade. ARM, Nvidia, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments have all been liscenced by the major Android manufacturers, leaving Intel with little to show in the mobile market. All attempts by Intel to gain a foothold here have failed miserably. 

A year ago, Andy Rubin and Intel CEO Paul Ortellini took to the stage at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) and unveiled a new Android smartphone powered by Intel. What's happened since then? Nothing. While there are a few Android models with Intel achitecture, they are mere prototypes or niche products. Companies like Samsung or HTC would prefer to equip their smartphones with ARM technology, which is simply better optimized for mobile use.

Which brings us to Intel's next big attempt – and this time, it just might work. Because this time, Intel has teamed up with Motorola, which is owned, of course, by Google. The creators of Android are working with Intel through their Motorola subsidiary to push an innovative smartphone to the market. This could be really interesting, especially since the product being unveiled on Tuesday won't be some mid-level entry. No, this is big release we're talking about; maybe even a flagship phone. 

The new model thus won't be a RAZR M with an Intel chipset, but something really special. And it will come to Europe first; otherwise it wouldn't be launching in London. What will be unveiled? There have been a lot of rumors about an edge-to-edge device, with no or very little bezel. Folks have taken the "to the edge" marketing slogan to mean we'll be seeing the world's first bezel-free smartphone, consisting of only the display. That would obviously be a big deal, but I'm not sure something like this would be currently possible.

Then what? Definitely a high-end model that could play a big role in this holiday season. Saying more, as of now, ain't easy. Still, we're sure of one thing: Motorola's smartphone revolution will kick-off next Tuesday. Even if it doesn't have a global impact, you can be sure this will be Intel's first mobile success story.

I will be there next Tuesday and, of course, keep you up to date!

 (Top photo: Screenshot from Motorola's teaser video.)


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  • It appears the Future of Innovation is the partnership between two (or more) Companies .... while Beats Audio and HTC wasn't worth it (my opinion), I am looking forward to seeing if things work out for Motorola and Intel (and wondering if what they develop will be a Tablet next) .... It's not like APPLE wow'd anyone (unless they're already a member of their "Cult of Consumers" (lol) ...

  • Agreed

  • Now I am curious on your seemingly definitive statement that a lot of games will not run on it, or at least your source. Firstly, it is simply a different processor, like the past and present tegra, snapdragons and exynos - built and designed by different companies, compatibilitywise, shouldn"t intel's just be as compatible?

    Second, it is an android device right?

    Lastly, If intel were partnered with any other manufacturer I might suspect it to be the case. However, motorolla being owned by Google makes me cast doubt that they would handicap a "revolutionary" device that they are launching a few days after the iPhone 5 over such a trivial matter as app compatibility.

    I'd tend to believe a view that it has apps and games exclusively designed for it and they wouldnot rin on another device much like the tegra games, rather than it being incapable of running the present crop of games available to android.

    I guess we'll find out next week.

  • Patrick, I know the M has been presented, what I think Andreas is trying to say is that it won't be similar to that model in any way. We don't know anything about the upcoming phone on Tuesday, other than the fact that it is a major collaboration between Intel and Motorola, which is why it's probably too early to say "lots of games won't run on it," unless you have a source for that factoid?

  • Erm, I hate to spoil the excitement, but the m has already been presented... The European version is supposed to look exactly the same, only deference being the mentioned Intel CPU. Which leads me to the question whether it'll be such a success, as most likely lots of games won't run on it...

  • I think bezel to bezel would be cool. Then no matter how I held my phone it would be fully accessible.

  • I think bezel to bezel would be cool. Then no matter how I held my phone it would be fully accessible.