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Motorola Employee Blames Google And Hardware For Update Delays


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If there's one thing I really hate, it's excuses and finger pointing. Remember that article I wrote yesterday called "Google To Motorola: "Some Things Have Got To Change Around Here“? Well apparently I forgot to leave out a key point that Google should have also said to them: "Don't talk utter and complete nonsense to the press“. That was the first thing that came to my mind when I read that senior vice president and general manager of Motorola's Enterprise Business Unit Christy Wyatt had the AUDACITY to blame Google and hardware as the main culprits that cause lack of device updates. Operation Rant on Christy Wyatt...execute in 5..4...3...2..1

 ...but before I start, lets hear exactly what Christy had to say, as SOME of her points are valid:

"When Google does a release of the software ... they do a version of the software for whatever phone they just shipped," she said. "The rest of the ecosystem doesn't see it until you see it. Hardware is by far the long pole in the tent, with multiple chipsets and multiple radio bands for multiple countries. It's a big machine to churn. First there's hardware support, then the layering in of custom software from manufacturers like Motorola, and finally, phones must be re-certified by carriers, taking more time ".

She then goes on to say that Microsoft only supports one chipset, which makes updates easier for them, and that Sony has an easier time because it has fewer chipsets and carriers to deal with.

…..............wait for it...........

Are you really being serious Christy? Did you honestly just blame at point fingers at every other possible person you could blame except for maybe..oh I don't know...Motorola? And did you honestly just play the "we have it so much harder than Microsoft and Sony because we do more“ blah blah game. Really? Let me ask you this..If I had had 20 clients that all gave me their business for my X company, do you think one of them would want to hear "I'm sorry ,but since I have somany clients, I don't have that much time to deal with your issue. The reason my competitor X has more time for his clients than me is because he doesn't have as many clients as I do". Do you think that answer would satisfy him?  All excuses Christy.. Let me break this down for ya, and let me do it in an objective and FAIR way, instead of putting all the blame on everyone else. **ahem**

This issue is best illustrated with some real life examples. I bought an HTC Nexus One that was sold directly by Google. My friend Colin bought an HTC Nexus One, but he purchased it from Vodafone. I got my Gingerbread update literally weeks before him, and that's because it takes HTC much longer to configure their update and certify for their system. So yes, I agree with you that carriers have an influence on how quickly updates rollout. But is it what creates SO much delay for updates? NO ITS NOT. A couple weeks delay I could deal with, and the rest of the Android community as well. A couple months however, is just silly, and that is literally how long it sometimes takes to get updates. So it's not just the carriers. Lets say that carriers add an extra 4 weeks to the process, just so we can keep track here. So lets move on to hardware...

**slams head on keyboard**

Samsung, HTC, and Motorola all have what are considered there flagship phones, and all of these phones are most likely either running on Snapdragon processors, Nvidia, or Cortex processors..that's pretty much IT. When it comes to updates, high end devices generally see them first, and that's just the way it is. So yeah, as this is also part of the issue, lets tack another few weeks on to the entire process. Lets say 4. So we're at 8 weeks in total. Still a long time right? It would be pretty stupid to do anything extra to make this already long time for receiving an update go on longer right? But oh Christy....alas...that extra thing is there, and it's what takes this process to the next level of "long freakin time"...what am I talking about?...

THAT UGLY AND COMPLETLY USELESSLY REDUNDANT THING THAT MOTOROLA LIKES TO CALL MOTOBLUR. It's the SKIN Christy...THE SKIN! This is the part of the process that needs to be left OUT, and that goes for not just Motorola, but for Samsung and HTC as well. Have you ever seen STOCK Android? I'm sure you've seen Motoblur right? Do you think that they in any way resemble each other? NO THEY FREAKIN DON'T, and the reason for that is manufacturers feel the need to take weeks and weeks to damn near completely redesign the UI with their skins and slap them on top of Android. This not only takes a long time and a lot of developement, but for the most part it takes a solid and fast stock Android UI and fills it with so much bloatware that it slows the device down DRASTICALLY.

So in the end, one of the biggest reasons that updates take way too long, is that manufacturers, like youselves, are too busy filling the phones with unnessecary tweaks to the UI, making a slow process even slower. Would be great if the extra waiting would actually speed UP the phone for a change, instead of slow it down wouldn't it? Then it might actually even be WORTH the wait! How come that point seems to be at the back of your argument, when it should be more towards the front? Sure, you don't have to say Motoblur is crap (trust me it is), but you can at least admit how long it takes to design, implement, tweak, test, and rollout. 

Christy...even if everything you had to say was true (which it's NOT), nobody honestly wants to hear it. You DO make some legit points, but it honestly sounds like a bunch of excuses and that you somehow want someone to feel sorry for you. If life at Motorola (now Google) is so much harder, why don't you head over to Microsoft or Sony if it's so much easier like you say? You can better bet that if these sound like excuses to me, that they also sound like excuses to Google.

Source: PcMag


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