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Motorola Gunning for Samsung with Latest Ads

Motorola Gunning for Samsung with Latest Ads

Motorola is taking on Samsung directly in their latest advertisements, and it goes without saying that it’s a pretty bold move. Until now, most of the Android manufacturers have been attacking Apple, but lately it’s a whole different ball game out there.

Seeing as Apple is trailing behind, Android holds the greatest market share currently, and right at the top of the Android market is Samsung. It’s only natural that Motorola would launch a campaign against the biggest name in the business.

Motorola Attacks Samsung

This is certainly the first time we’ve seen an Android opponent attack another Android competitor. Buckle your seatbelts folks, because it may get pretty hairy from here on out.

I’m sure you’re more interested in seeing the ads, and how Motorola is fighting back. It’s simple really, they’re doing exactly what Samsung did to Apple not too long ago. Motorola is comparing the Galaxy SIII and the Droid RAZR HD, clearly claiming their own starchild as the better of the two.

Motorola Droid RAZR HD has more juice than the Samsung Galaxy SIII

The ads were released on Motorola’s landing page for the RAZR late yesterday evening. The first, which you can see above, clearly attacks the Galaxy SIII’s average battery life. According to Motorola, the RAZR HD gets 24% more juice, which add up to provide a complete rating of 24 hours under ordinary use.

Okay, you can have that one Motorola, what else?

Apparently the RAZR HD also has a lot more protection than the Galaxy SIII. The RAZR HD has a body that is designed with Kevlar fiber and water repellent nanocoating, which is short for nigh indestructible. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy SIII only has a plastic case that’s not quite as rugged, and durable.

Droid RAZR HD is more durable than the Galaxy SIII

Okay, that’s two now Motorola, want to keep going?

Motorola also claims that the RAZR HD gets faster download speeds, which actually doesn’t make much sense. Both the RAZR HD and the Galaxy SIII are using the same exact Qualcomm processor and modem models.

Finally, Motorola claims that the RAZR HD is much more attractive and thinner in size. When compared side by side with the SIII this would seem to be true. What Motorola fails to disclose, however, is that the appeal of a design is influenced primarily by personal taste. Some folks may prefer the Samsung Galaxy SIII design over the RAZR HD, which is blatantly obvious considering Samsung continues to retain the most market share.

Sorry Motorola, I won’t commend you for those last few claims because they were wrong.

Also, I’d like to add my personal take on all of this and all I need are two words: Droid Bionic. Exactly, and that is why my next phone will probably be a Samsung.

You can hit up Motorola’s dedicated RAZR landing page for all the juicy details and device comparisons.

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  • Thanks for the article...its great...

  • My wife got the Motorola atrix HD and I got the HTC Vivid. Both have the 4.0.3 OS but I much prefer the UI on mine to her's. I have not had a Samsung smart phone, in fact this is my first, but I did have Samsung touch screen a couple of years ago, not a smart phone, and it was OK except weak antenna. What I have seen about the Samsung is how it compares to the Iphone and it sounds like nothing more than what I already have now. I would have to recommend the HTC just on the UI, how much difference is the other features?

  • I'm not very much interested in which phone is better, but I don't like the way you dissed their speed claims without looking into it more.

    Also higher Galaxy sales do not prove the phone's style is more attractive to people.

    Do your homework before writing lame comments.

  • I like both Samsung and Motorola. I have owned both and enjoyed both. Motorola gets my nod because of only one factor... the VOLUME on all Motorola phones is better.

    I have a significant hearing loss, and Motorola is the only phone that has sufficient volume to satisfy me.

  • even I;m prepared to wave buh bye to HTC & switch to a Samsung (& I <3 HTC) ...

    the HTC Droid DNA is an impressive Android Smart Phone, but it also has some flaws that are annoying (Verizon shouldve had this available last year, along with a better Incredible 4G) ...

  • Motorola lol they lost their heads lol

  • According to the Website Razor HD (not the Maxx) is 8.4mm thick S3 8.6mm So yes it's thinner but it's also 9.7% heavier.

  • Motofail #1- 30% larger battery= about 30% longer battery life. Really! Who would have thought that.

    Motofail #2- 40% faster downloads with no publicly accessible controlled test results to back it up. I call BS

    Motofail #3- GSMArena lists the RAZD Maxx HD as 9.3mm thick and the GS3 as 8.6mm thick. How in the hell is 9.3mm thinner than 8.6mm?

    I'm glad I cost them a ton of money with the loss of return customers this year as I have no tolerance for this level of lying from any company.

  • Dogukan I think you mean HTC cause they just closed there office in SK

  • i <3<3 my rzr maxxxx

  •   4
    Deactivated Account Dec 19, 2012 Link to comment

    "20% more juice" but the battery indicator shows double the "juice". Misleading.

  • Spydr Dec 19, 2012 Link to comment

    Droid Bionic says it all! And Moto was a disappointment. Will never use a motorola device again.... mobile nor any other product. Samsung all the way!!!

  • c g Dec 19, 2012 Link to comment

    Motorola don't stand a chance of taking on Samsung in the UK market, if they aren't going to release the HD MAXX.

  •   7
    Deactivated Account Dec 13, 2012 Link to comment

    I'll prefer a phone with a replacable battery any time. Who needs kevlar.

  • Face it, 'THE BIG CAR RADIO' company is too busy servicing their true customers, AT&T, Verizon etc with the latest and greatest too care about the owner of their older models --- just buy the new model we made for you( and make us lots of money)

  • I would have expected something better from a google company.

  • Agreed David, my current daily is a Droid Bionic and Moto definitely screwed the pooch with this one. I'm sure I don't need to explain all the things that happened with my device, let alone with whatever you experienced first hand.

    I imagine realistically Samsung won't stay on top forever, another manufacturer will take the lead eventually when they revamp their product line. Such is the way of the Android ecosystem. That's what is so great about it, nearly anyone has the chance to make something truly amazing. Currently, Samsung is the innovator.

    I'm curious who it will be in the future.

  • Nah Motorola's just pissed beacuse Google is closing their South Korean branch because of Samsung. Samsung all the way I say.

  • Chris Dec 12, 2012 Link to comment

    Did anyone notice that in the last comparison on Motorola's site (not shown in the article) they angled the S3 to make it look thicker? You can see the angle if you look at the bottom. I held up my S3 to the screen and it was a bit longer but half as thin as the picture. Not exactly playing fair on Motorola's part.

  • I don't care if Motorola has the best device ever made, they abandoned current models and lied to consumers.
    They have yet to fully release boot lock keys so we can't even fix what they've done.

    I will never buy another Motorola device.

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