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Motorola submersion test: we give the Moto X and Moto G a good soak

Motorola submersion test: we give the Moto X and Moto G a good soak

The Moto G scored itself a little bit of additional stardom recently when it was demonstrated that the super cheap handset could survive underwater for a full thirty minutes. We just had to test it out for ourselves and decided to see how the Moto X held up under a little bit of water. Here's what we found in our tests.

Moto G video resistente
Going under the tap is a piece of cake for the Moto G. / © AndroidPIT

Moto G

We're huge fans of the Moto G here, so when we heard that the smartphone could handle a thirty minute bath we just had to see if it was true. We dropped a completely standard Moto G into a few inches of fresh water and left it there for a full thirty minutes. We checked it a few times during the test and it turned on underwater with no problems. After its bath we pulled it out, gave it a pat dry and it turned on fine, touchscreen responsiveness was perfect, the internet worked fine, the dialer, the camera and video and audio playback.

Moto X

Based on the Moto G success we decided to try the Moto X as well, but this time we only gave it a five minute dunking but in deeper water. We figured it's not all that likely that your device is going to sit underwater for a full thirty minutes anyway, and it was late and we wanted to go home, so five minutes it was. As you can probably expect, the Moto X handled it just as problem-free as the Moto G did. It's amazing that Motorola are not promoting either of these devices as water-resistant when in reality they both are, but it's a very nice bit of icing on the cake.

Link to Video

Note: we really don't recommend you try this out for yourself, or even worse, find out just how long and how deep these devices can remain submerged before they finally succumb. The point of this exercise was to confirm a claim and to give you a little peace of mind if you're ever caught in the rain or you drop your phone in the bath. Just give it a rinse off and go about your business. If you ever get your (other) phone seriously wet and need some more drastic assistance, check out our guide on what to do when your phone gets wet.

Have you ever dropped your phone in water? Why do you think Motorola aren't pushing these phones as water-resistant?

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  • A Eken Dec 29, 2016 Link to comment

    my Moto X 2nd Gen fell in the loo :( FML

    I pulled it out immediately and it was still working. Yay! then stupid me decided to lightly and gently clean it with a bit of fresh water (not submerge just wipe it) needless to say the screen went off and was unresponsive... Damn, but the worst part is that the freaking phone still worked (even my alarm went off loud and clear the only problem was that i couldn't get the screen to come on to swipe the alarm off... yep, that was a bit embarrassing...

  • My 2014 Moto G fell out of my pocket into the loo, and was rescued immediately ..but PHONE HOSPITAL guy would not even look at it said it would be dead? Phone hospital guy refused to open it initially saying could not get parts??? I asked if he could look anyway, and was asked to leave it for 30 mins...I returned to be told motherboard was water affected/ dead..was he lying?? I think it turns on but cannot see anything on the screen...

  • ok so i essentially dropped my motog in water for literally less than 1 minute and it is SOOOO not working... i turned it off and now it wont turn on and yea i patted it down and everything. so i dont know whether i believe this or not

  • I would not tempt this. My wife dropped her phone in water but caught the phone before it was fully submerged...phone developed signs of water damage and was pronounced dead approximately 3 hours after submersion. Luckily, I had mobile insurance. Maybe she should have let it be completely under water and it would've been fine.

  • Motorola are the most underrated mobile manufacturer. Maybe they themselves don't know how water resistant it is. Win win for the consumers.

  • What, you didn't do the toilet bowel test? But it is so easy and simulates the phone fell from my pocket accident. Simply drop the phone into the bowel and flush. Here you could call it the American Standard or Koller test!

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