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Motorola Unveils 3 New Phones: Droid Razr HD, Razr Maxx HD, & RAZR M
Motorola RAZR Motorola Motorola RAZR Maxx 2 min read 8 comments

Motorola Unveils 3 New Phones: Droid Razr HD, Razr Maxx HD, & RAZR M

Motorola has officially taken the wraps off of 3 new devices in New York today: The Droid Razr HD, the Droid Razr Maxx HD, and the Droid Razr M . All 3 phones are somewhat similar in design to the original Droid Razr, are running Android Ice Cream Sandwich (update to JB by the end of this year), and are boasting some pretty solid (mid range) specs. But will the new Razr lineup be able to compete with the Galaxy S3, HTC One series, and the upcoming iPhone 5? Let's have a closer look at all 3 phones.

Here are the specs for the new Razr lineup:


• LTE capable
• 4.7 inch screen with 720P display
• 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 dual core processor
• 2500mAh Battery
• 8MP camera
• Google Chrome pre-installed
• 32GB Internal memory




  • 4.7-inch 1,280 x 720 Super AMOLED HD
  • 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 dual core processor
  • LTE capable
  • 3300mAh Battery
  • 8MP camera
  • Google Chrome pre-installed

DROID RAZR M Specifications:


• LTE capable
• Gorilla Glass Super AMOLED HD 4.3-inch (960x540)
• 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 dual core processor
• 8MP camera
• 8GB Internal emory
• Google Chrome pre-installed

For anyone who wants to watch the entire event, it can be viewed below (Youtube link here): 

The only pricing information we have is on the Razr M, which is available for preorder today for US residents, and will cost $99 on a Verizon contract. Availabilty for the Hd and Maxx HD is not yet known, and we will update this article as soon as we have a ship date. 

Until we having pricing information, I can't really comment on if I'm impressed or not. In regards to specs, they are solid for mid range devices. It's also cool that they are mostly stock ("lightly skinned"), and that the M is available relatively cheap on Verizon contract. 

I would have loved to see some quad core love (and Jelly Bean out of the box for that matter), but oh well. It was also kind of funny how Motorola made fun of Samsung and the magicians at the Galaxy Note 2 event, especially considering how much cooler Samsung's event was then Motorola's was :-D

What do you guys think of the new Razr lineup?


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  • I think I need a Note 2...but I'm gonna try to hold off to see what Nexus devices hit the market this year.

    Damn I hate waiting :-)

  • Good point David, I agree that timing is key. But I am also hoping this is not it from Moto this year. Although to be fair, I am interested in the Rzr M for my secondary phone line. I'd like to retire my SGS and use the Rzr if it has an SD card (I use my 2nd phone as a PMP), I am kinda thinking about this or a Lumia.

  • @Patrick - THIS. I was also hoping for Jelly Bean at the very least, and high end quad core with 2GB RAM, and an insane camera. Since we didn't get that last night, I very much hope that we will get it with a Moto Nexus device.

    @David - Good point. If they are saving the big guns for the iPhone 5 release, then I can let the Razr lineup slide :-D

  • I suspect they might just be focusing on development of a high end phone to compete with the iPhone5 and Note 2, so had similar 'stock' hardware and interfaces for all of these releases.
    If they did put out a device with high-end specs you could expect the next release to be delayed considerably, and therefore behind schedule for the next gen (iPhone5, Note 2). Behind in perpetuity!
    It all goes to timing, not just spec. If these were released just a few months ago they wouldn't be 'mid range', but high end.
    If they rushed a high end device, in just a month or two the Note 2 would destroy it. Delay a bit, get a really good device out aand this is just filler, with actually really good "mid-range" features. Who else is giving all day high use battery preformance on a dual core, snappy LTE device?

  • A bit of a disappointment to usher in the Moto Google era. I was hoping for the tip of the spear and not middle of the pack. I hope they're saving the big guns for the Nexus and treat it as their flagship phone with the respect it deserves.

    Something like 1.8 Ghz Quad, 2GB RAM, 64 GB Memory, SD Card support up to 64 GB, a full sized USB 3.0 port, 5.1 surround blue tooth mini portable speaker system, 3D hologram projector screen and maybe a light saber while they're at it. I mean I wanna go WOW! and not EEHHH? when I see a the Moto Nexus.

    I am really hoping that the Moto Nexus would blow everything out of the water, so maybe they better include a cannon in the phone, I'll buy he ammo.

  • @Anna - It is 4.7 :-( (updated article)

    @Dan - I must admit, the specs are certainly nothing mindblowing. They would have to all 3 sell for really cheap to grab my attention.

  • Dan Sep 5, 2012 Link to comment

    looks nice but with these specs id prefer the new Sony line up

  • Does the Droid RAZR MAXX HD have a 4.7 inch screen too? If so, I'm really disappointed. I wanted a smaller device...