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Mukulabs presents the 20x Zoom Lens for Smartphones

Authored by: Klaus Wedekind — Feb 26, 2013

Nico and I are live on location for you at the MWC. We were travelling down discovery lane when we stumbled upon something very remarkable. At one of the Chinese stands, we found some accessories that, till now, have never existed for Android devices. Mukulus wants to offer all sorts of zoom lenses for your smartphones as early as the summer. You may be aware of such similar devices like the reflex and system cameras. We tried out the prototypes and were super impressed. Take a look!

In this picture, my Galaxy S3 is attached to a 20x Lens, which is connected to the smartphone's backside with a plastic shell. So that's its not shaking all about, I screwed it onto a suitable tripod. The lens is a new prototype, on which you're not yet able to adjust the caloric value. The Mukulabs' developing leader informed us, that they had to undertake the most of difficult work to try and fit the lens to the already built-in lens of the smartphone camera. Now that this problem is solved, they can now go into producing a series of lenses and maybe even start selling them in the summer. The necessary adapter shells should be available for smartphones of all shapes and sizes. They say they are now on the search for a business partner in Europe.

Here you see the remote triggers, which are easily connected to smartphones via Bluetooth.

I hope that they will be able to make a contract with a company while in Barcelona, since we were just blown away by the prototypes, which we attached to my S3. What's more, the planned prices for the aluminium lens will be more than appealing: Mukulabs is only asking for a mere 100 Euros for its biggest lens. We tested out a wide-angle lens, a fish-eye, a macro-lens and a telephoto lens (as shown above). So that you get a taste of the quality of the pictures shot with these lenses, here's a picture gallery with a few pictures we took, while testing out the product.

Take a look at this video to see me using the new prototypes on my Galaxy S3. It's silent because it's in German. I just wanted you to get a feel of how it looks and works! smiley

Link to Video

(Images: kwe/AndroidPIT)

Before becoming editor-in-chief of AndroidPIT together with Andreas in August 2012, Klaus worked as a tech editor for the news portal His first smartphone was an HTC Legend, and he has been a huge Android fan ever since. Klaus has been living in Berlin for the past 20 years, though he still loves southern German cuisine and remains a faithful supporter of FC Bayern Munich.

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