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Music Volume EQ

Music Volume EQ

So, you're on the go – on a train, on a bus – and all you want to do is space out and listen to some of your favourite tunes? Put on your headphones, lean back, relax and let music wash over you. Now, if only the bass sounds sounded right... If you've been looking for a good equalizer check out our review of Music Volume EQ to find out more about this app that promises to help improve sound quality on your Android device.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.9 3.6

Features & Use

Tested on: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Android version: 4.2.1
Root: No
Modifications: None

My pet peeve: listening to my favourite artists and not hearing the bass sounds properly. And the stock equalizer can't do much to help in this department, so can Music Volume EQ do any better?

The app doesn't take song to download and its permission seem absolutely legit so I went ahead and installed it. Music Volume EQ is a neat little app without and glitz and glam. What caught me off by guard is that the mixing table pops up in the current open window, which is why I usually prefer to open the app via the widget.

The mixing table consists of the 5-band equalizer and the volume controller. When a track is running, EQ can start up simultaneously and change the volume via the app. The 5-band equalizer can highlight or minimize certain frequencies, and if you're a music snob you'll no doubt appreciate the wonderful flavour this can give your favourite jams. More options: bass boost and a virtualizer. And finally, presets are also available, but they didn't really do anything for me. There's no option for saving one's own presets, unfortunately.

Bottom line:

Music Volume EQ has potential, but it is not yet a fully matured app. More features and better presets would make this app more viable in direct contrast to the stock Android equalizer. Music Volume EQ definitely has what it takes to be an awesome equalizer, so here's hoping the developers will keep working on it.


Screen & Controls

Music Volume EQ ontrols take a bit of getting used to, not because the controllers are difficult to use but because the equalizer opens via the current window. This means that you can't swipe left/right if the app is open on the homescreen, and you can't access the phone function. I found the equalizer to be a bit annoying because of this and would really prefer to see a widget to help solve this issue. The current widget is more of a link and doesn't have a real function.


Speed & Stability

Music Volume EQ performed well and there weren't any issues with this app.


Price/Performance Ratio

Music Volume EQ is free and can be downloaded from the App Center. Ads are displayed throughout which I honestly found to be annoying. I hit the ad banner by mistake a few times.



Music Volume EQ Music Volume EQ Music Volume EQ Music Volume EQ Music Volume EQ

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