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mVideoPlayer Pro - The Video Playback Expert

mVideoPlayer Pro - The Video Playback Expert

Watching movies on the big screen is a thing of the past. Just take a quick look around on public transit and you’ll notice people watching their favorite TV shows and Hollywood blockbusters on their smartphones. To make watching videos on a small screen enjoyable it’s important to have a video player that is both effective and user-friendly. Let’s face it: the default Android app just doesn’t cut it. In terms of streaming video content, the YouTube app is a clear frontrunner. But what about watching videos, clips and films offline?

mVideoPlayer Pro allows users to continue watching downloaded video content on their Android devices.


Reviewed version Latest version
2.9.1 4.2.0

Features & Use

mVideo Player Pro is a no-frills video player. Basic playback functions, playlists, smart settings and a couple of extra features – that’s all the app has to offer. Personally, I’m a fan of apps that get the job done without falling back on flashy graphics and fancy gimmicks.

When the app opens, it automatically searches for videos and films located on your SD card. The playback of videos works without any problems or glitches. Even HD videos run very smoothly. With this app, videos downloaded from YouTube played better that on my old netbook.
mVideoPlayer Pro also includes a number of useful settings. Among many things, you can adjust the screen orientation, turn off the ringtone or set specific screen brightness. All of these are key settings that are missing in the stock video app.

Another highlight of this video player are the three search options:

First off, there is the IMDb search which gives you access to the internet’s largest movie database. There you can find useful information about actors and the film crew for downloaded movies on your phone or tablet.

The second and third search options are actually cool and can make your movie watching experience more pleasant. This way you can search for movie posters and subtitles. Finding pictures for your films is a cute gimmick to make your movie selection look good. The subtitle search, however, is extremely useful and a real life-saver for foreign film nuts like myself. Even if you forgot to download a subtitled version of the film, you can download the correct subtitles instantly directly from within the app.

Bottom Line:
All in all, I can only highly recommend mVideoPlayer as the best solution for your video watching needs. The number of settings and search options gives you everything you could wish for from video player. It’s the small things that matter and that’s where the app excels. Not only can you always double-check the time and battery life during playback, but you can also create bookmarks in videos to keep track of where you left off.

Despite all the kudos and applause, mVideoPlayer has one overwhelming downside: the app only plays video formats that your device already supports. According to the developers, it’s the user’s responsibility to download the correct codecs, but I think the video player itself should take care of this problem.

Screen & Controls

mVideoPlayer Pro does a heck of a job in this section. The interface is slick and easy to use. Everything is designed with simplicity and care. You rewind and fast-forward any video with a simple swipe motion. Everything is within one-click reach.

Virtually every aspect of the video player is fully customizable. Feel free to adjust the skins and appearance of the app. There are also a couple of cool hidden gimmicks. Shaking your phone, for example, opens the last played video.

Speed & Stability

mVideoPlayer Pro does a great job in terms video playback. Everything is stable and smooth. Having tried out several different video players, mVideoPlayer Pro deserves the best possible rating in terms of speed and stability.

Please keep in mind that the performance of mVideoPlayer Pro depends on your specific Android device and OS version.

Price/Performance Ratio

mVideoPlayer Pro is available at half the price for just €1.79 (~$2.55) as our App of the Week special and can be downloaded directly from our AndroidPIT App Center.

I also recommend trying out the free version with ads before committing to the full thing. Unless you purchase the app during our promotion week, the regular full price is way to steep as I see it.


mVideoPlayer Pro - The Video Playback Expert mVideoPlayer Pro - The Video Playback Expert

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  • I totally agree about how great the UI is, Danny. I think it wasn't always the case, right? I vaguely remember trying out the app long time ago and not liking at all. Glad. they made the right changes.

  • I'll try that later. Thanks for the info though.

  • Danny Jun 28, 2011 Link to comment

    This is the player with the best interface. All the others that I have tried(and I have tried nearly all of them) have crappy user interface. They are just not user friendly. I don't want to have to browse through my sd card just to select a video. If your phone does not support divx or formats which your videos are encoded in, use rock player, BUT use mvideo player as the interface. It will remember your selection if you select the option.

  • Have you tried purchasing through the AndroidPIT App Center? You can buy apps with PayPal and since this is an App of the Week - you'll get at a reduced price. Oh and our AndroidPIT App Center works in all countries - no restrictions.

  • Looks like a great app. I'd like to get it but I can't buy from the market atm. Thanks for the review.

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